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If you are coming to China for travel, work, or living — and you are a self respecting citizen of our modern world — then you will need a China SIM card in order to stay connected to the web through your mobile phone and to make calls (or SMS text messages, but I don’t know anybody who still uses SMS now in the days of Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, LINE, We Chat, and Kakao Talk).You will also probably want to get a VPN for China so you can connect to Facebook, Google, and Youtube.

It covers nearly 90% of the population, so chances are you will be covered wherever you are.For this you will need a bank card linked to your We Chat or some funds in your We Chat account (lucky money! You could also ask a Chinese friend to help you out with this, since any Wechat / Alipay account can be used to top up any phone number (just type it in and pay).Data refills usually go for about 50 RMB for 1 GB of data.I like to be flexible so I tend to stay away from contracts. A VPN will be necessary when you are travelling or living in China since most everything (gmail, google, youtube, facebook, instagram) is blocked in the Mainland (Hong Kong is unblocked).A China VPN service will offer apps for your computer and smartphone that will allow you to get around the censored internet while in China.Network: China Telecom uses a CDMA network which is incompatible virtually all phones purchased outside China. It has 3G / HSPA that works with international mobile phones and the coverage is almost as good as the leader, China Mobile.

If you are thinking of purchasing a phone that only works in China (why you would do that, I have no idea), then I guess you could look at China Telecom. China Mobile has a weird 3G CDMA standard that works mostly with phones purchased in China.If you want to look at other plans on China Unicom check out their service site 10010In particular if you want to check out 3G packages: companies can sell you a pre-paid SIM card and deliver it to you before you get to China.In most Asian countries that I have travelled to it is usually a breeze to get a pre-paid SIM card.They are cheap, easy to recharge credits, and you can get connected in virtually a couple minutes.However, many VPNs don’t work well in China and can be agonizingly slow.

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