Facebook notes blog feed not updating

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Get a tripod mount Now that you have a way to increase the height of your camera, another one of the Facebook Live Video tools I recommend using are lenses.While the one on your mobile device will get the job done, you can improve it.

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It also works great when you want to take a group photo or start recording a video and the video camera is far away.The microphone I use is the Rode Video Mic Me Windshield.Because it is a shotgun microphone, it captures audio that’s in front of it.How can you update a view column that is generated through a combination of multiple base columns? And how can it update either or both in a way that will behave correctly after the update, given that the expression for the virtual column always includes a space?The ACTOR_FULLNAME column in the view is a concatenation of two base columns and a literal. If you have some meaningful logic you want to implement to handle such an UPDATE, you could use an INSTEAD OF trigger on the view to implement it.This way when you use Facebook Live Video on your Facebook Page, you can make sure your videos look and sound their best everytime!

Let’s take a look at the Facebook Live Video tools that I personally use when I’m broadcasting to my audience.

The onboard microphone for nearly all mobile devices isn’t that great.

Audio is scratchy, hollow, and it picks up every little noise, which can distract from your live videos.

Oracle has no way of knowing what you mean by updating that column. Your view contains a virtual column Actor_Full Name, which is a concatenation of two other real columns.

You can only update views that meet certain criteria, or have an associated INSTEAD OF trigger. You are trying to update a view like you would a table.

That is not possible--you need to instead change the definition of the view.