Dating slang vanilla

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Dating slang vanilla

In the autumn, vintage cider apples, with wonderful names like Dabinett, Kingston Black, Stoke Red, Yarlington Mill and Harry Masters, are gathered, blended, pressed and the juice is then fermented in huge oak vats. Extremely aromatic, the fruit even masks the alcohol. A lot of sour off-beat notes, that make it difficult o drink. Absolutely wonderful, somewhat in the Highland Park 18 yo style, only even better – and peatier. Mouth: rich, superbly fruity and, again, quite peaty. You can listen to her beautiful singing on Wedding Dance (mp3). I've somehow shocked myself with the 69 points I gave to the Clynelish 14 yo (46%, OB) while tasting it blind last night. Well, if I really have to give you three names, I’d go for Drumguish, Tobermory or Loch Lomond.

Much less fruity than the nose, but still very good. I guess it’s the best non-Scottish or Irish or Japanese Single Malt whisky I ever had, and I guess it deserves no less than 83 points. According to Suntory, this is one of the finest blended whiskies in Japan. Its colour is dark straw, and it’s quite weak at first nosing. Let’s check the palate now: the first mouthfeel is weak and watery. Yes, very enjoyable, even if again, I wouldn’t say it tastes like a single malt whisky at all. Again, better than #1 and 2, but nothing thrilling, still. I could have one of my favourite dishes: some great Comté cheese with a Château Chalon by Jean Macle. Have a listen to 'Roamin in the Gloamin' (both mp3 or real audio on that page). - Gone for a short trip though Jura, France last weekend. Much fruitier and less mature than a Cognac, that’s for sure. Branntwein, sugar, fruit cake, wood chips, caramel, and a litte blackcurrant. In short, it’s not that bad, and I know some cheap Cognacs that aren’t really better than this Georgian ersatz. The nose is also much closer to a good three-star Cognac. Yes, after the odd 'finished' malts (blueberry, Kriek, applewine etc.) this had to happen: a malt-finished wine is now on the market. ), cucumber, sweet pepper, raw French bean and , a little ginger and some ‘waxy’ notes. A little less exuberant than Turkish raki or Greek ouzo, I’d say. Make some friends listen to his kaleidoscopic music ‘blind’. Anyhow, 69 points for the first one is not enough, and I’ll rise my rating to 79 points. But I guess the nomenklatura had some better ones, especially some from Crimea. This one’s made in Yerevan, and it seems that it’s got quite a reputation, despite the fact that Armenians only make some brandy since 1937. Quite winey, with some nice notes of wood and vanilla. The name is 18 Carats, it's made by the Orkney Wine Company, and it's an Orkney carrot wine fortified with Orkney single malt whisky. I don't know what they think at Talisker's, but I must admit I'd love to taste it. Yes, the Islay Festival is around the corner, so I felt it would be a good idea not to focus on single malts too much at this very moment. Some quite unpleasant off-notes, but I guess this one has to be drunk with a lot of water anyway. Yes, the palate is much better than the nose, even when tasted ‘naked’. They’ll either tell you it could be Lou Reed, JJ Cale, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, James Taylor, Gram Parsons, or even marvellous newcomer Damien Rice, depending on the song you’ll choose. Develops on some slightly spirity notes, cider, nutmeg… I just put her back into the nearby river where she belongs. The second sample is worth 84 points on my scale – just the same rating as the OMC’s, even if both are very different. Follow-up translations and comments by Ulf Buxrud: Värmlandsvisa: Värmland= is the name of a province in the heartland of Sweden.

Visa= is a descriptor word meaning a simple set of tune and lyric combined, often of folkloristic origin. This melody was composed by Toots during the Swedish epoque of his life. Something like an interbreed of Joe De Francesco and Jimmy Smith. Stafford is brilliant, Jesse Davis had some Coltranian notes, and Alvin Queen... You can have a good example of her beautiful voice on Värmlandsvisan (mp3 - old Swedish song). Nose: light and quite fragrant, but curiously quite unsherried. And if you want to have a little laugh, perhaps you can try to put your hands on her Swedish rendition of Toots Thielemans' ''Bluesette', called 'Bedårande Sommarvals' - whatever that means. Not utterly interesting, but it could have been worse. Yes, like a regular gin in which they’d already have poured some ginger ale… Perhaps they could just add a few olives into each bottle. At first nosing, it’s very fruity and seems to be quite complex. Again, nothing special, but it appears we’re stepping towards the 70 points or more this time. Malty, a little woody, but gets a little dry towards the end. As for names, I’d say Tobermory, Arran, Auchentoshan… You should listen to 'Beautiful Day' (mp3) which is far from being her best tune, but gives you a good example of her beautiful voice and singing. Nose: mellow, quite perfumy and strong for just 40%. - While Jim Murray shoots at Cognac as much as he can, and while the French think it's out of date, the American R'n'B singers have made the 'yak' (Cognac in US slang) their favourite drink. Yes, this time, it’s like if they’d already poured some dry vermouth into some gin! It’s already got a nice dark straw colour, despite its young age. Well, I feel this one deserves 69 points, but no more. Long finish, getting a little woodier and dry after one or two minutes. The coastal notes really make me think of a young cask strength Bruichladdich, or perhaps a Clynelish or a Bunnahabhain. I especially like her songs 'Veni Vidi Vici', 'One Hell of a Life' and 'Marietta'. Château Chalon is a tiny village in Jura, and only wine made as 'vin jaune' (roughly the same method as for dry sherry) get the right to carry this name.

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