Consolidating files in itunes 10

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By my count this will be my 12th apartment since I graduated from college, and it never made much sense to invest in anything beyond Ikea.

That’s a side story though: while the i Pod and the first few editions of the i Phone needed a PC, the latter eventually became independent, an effectively full-fledged computer in its own right.My issue, rather, is about opportunity cost: why can’t Apple architect their platform so that other services can fulfill this low-margin middle-person role, freeing up resources to focus on the sorts of things that only Apple can do?Home Pod is the best answer yet, and I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed by Apple’s foresight.In truth, though, the first Apple died and was reborn in 1997 with the return of Steve Jobs, at a time when the company was weeks away from bankruptcy.What happened next is certainly familiar to everyone reading this: after slashing products and re-focusing the company around a dramatically simplified product line, Jobs shepherded the introduction of the i Mac and, three years after that, the i Pod.Perhaps no decision looms larger, though, than releasing i Tunes — the software yin to the i Pod’s hardware yang — for Windows. “They’ve tried everything to get their installed base to grow, but it just doesn’t grow.

Erstwhile Apple analyst Gene Munster told the San Francisco Chronicle: For Apple, the Windows version of i Tunes is part of a “very slow but real shift” in strategy, said Gene Munster, senior research analyst with U. What you’re going to see in the coming years is a different Apple.” Ironically, Munster said i Tunes for Windows may ultimately help sell more i Pods but fewer Macintoshes, because it works well enough with a PC.That last sentence explains why this isn’t a surprise; my criticism of Apple Music when it launched was not a statement on whether or not the service would be successful, but whether or not it was worth the trouble, particularly in terms of focus.I wrote in a Daily Update later that year: One interesting angle to [a Taylor Swift exclusive] is that the fact Apple Music exists for Android likely makes it much more palatable for Swift than an Apple-specific service would be.In other words, I’m hitting middle age, with the change in circumstances and priorities that entails.Apple, at least in human terms, is officially over the hill: the company’s 40th birthday was last April.Unsurprisingly, given its prominence on the device combined with Apple customer loyalty, the answer, at least in the United States, is increasingly Apple Music.