App v client not updating

10-Apr-2020 04:05 by 2 Comments

App v client not updating - updating kitchen wood cabinet doors

With the integration of App-V Microsoft is enabling all their enterprise customer to use their powerful application virtualization technology out of the box.This was a brief exploration into the App-V integration in Windows 10 but it shows it is not final yet.

Microsoft just released the Hotfix Package 7 for App-V 5.1.At this point I have no idea what is causing this error.I will look into this and hopefully I can share results in an upcoming blog post.To create a tempalte, start with the provided template_reader.appvt file, OR perform the following steps: Publish the package globally: Extension points for the Reader App-V Package require machine-level installation.With App-V 5.0 SP2 or later, publishing globally automatically creates these extensions and Reader behaves like a native application.This Hotfix pushes App-V to version and can be downloaded here.

The following Issues were fixed in HF10 for App-V 5.1: Working in Switzerland as a Systems and Desktop Engineer, Simon Dettling’s focus lies on Client- and Application Management, using Products like System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Application Virtualization (App-V).Within the refistry the client version states 10.0.14316.1000 which is the Windows build version.As expected the App-V Power Shell commands are available.This guide describes how to deploy Reader DC via App-V so that the application is delivered on demand but run as if they were installed locally. For example, you can turn product features on an off, lock certain parts of the UI, and control some workflows. You can customize the installer prior to deployment.To do so, use Adobe’s Customization Wizard to edit your package’s functionality prior to creating your App-V package. Templates allow you to control what files become part of the package, and you should exclude unnecessary files.