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She has also lost 45 pounds from her highest weight and is steadily trimming down.She may never reach her weight that she was at when we got married. But I know something about her that I suspect is true about a lot of overweight women and men.

Spring Fling: Top 6 Secrets Every Chub Needs To Know!

I suppose it doesn't surprise those of you who have read posts that I've made over the last few months.

Now I don't think guys who don't share my values are wrong.

But that day I decided that if/when I did, I would be open to dating bigger girls.

In the interest of keeping this short, I am not going to share every milestone on my journey of personal growth.

She also used to amuse herself by making fun of bigger girls.

I can't tell you how many times we would be in public together and she would point out a bigger girl and say, "See, I know I put you through a lot but it could be worse.

(NOTE: I am not accusing "hot" girls of having these traits.

I am simply describing THIS person.) This person, here-to-fore known as "C" was obsessed with material things and was exceedingly vain.

You could be sleeping with her instead of me." Her "warnings" had the opposite affect.

I often found myself thinking, "Maybe I'd enjoy that and be a happier person if that were the case." At any rate, one time a girl heard her say this.

Bigger City Profile - J-Mo Bear Today we’re interviewing a big man, chaser, and internet viral sensation J-Mobear.

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    Personally, I've found myself spending hours reading through the posts, just so I can better understand the fights that I get into and how to resolve them faster.

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