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394 TOUR 4A function with US 97 Maupin Government Camp Portland [State 50] 40i TOUR 46 Bend Elk Lake Junction with US 97 [The Century Drive] 407 TOUR 4C Junction with US 97 Oakridge Goshen [State 58] . 43' TOUR 5C Valley Falls Paisley Silver Lake Junction with US 97 [State 31] *'*'- ' * 435 TOUR 5D Lakeview Klamath Falls Ashland [State 66] .... TOUR 6 Ontario Vale John Day Redmond Sisters Springfield- Junction with US 99 [US 28] . Legends were invented by the Indians to explain the origin and form of many geographic features. 4 TOUR 4D Klamath Junction Fort Klamath Crater Lake National Park Medford [State 62] 4'4 TOUR 5 (Wallula, Wash.) Pendleton John Day Burns Lakeview New Pine Creek [US 395] 4'7 Section a. Western Junction with State 54 to California Line 423 TOUR 5A Burns Crane Follyfarm Fields Denio [State 78 and un- numbered roads] 428 TOUR 58 Burns French Glen Blitzen Fields [State 78 and 205] . Coyote in a hun- dred grotesque forms was the hero of many roguish stories, emphasizing 38 OREGON his trickery, selfishness, and prurience, and the source of rigid taboos regarding foods, domestic economy, and ceremonial observance.

Stories of Coyote and Thunderbird were common to many tribes.

Ager Holland Grass Plantings Oregon Coast Farm Security Administration Mitchell Point Tunnel Columbia River Angelus Studio Snake River Canyon Cecil V. House- hold utensils included baskets of cedar root fiber or tough grasses often woven so closely as to be watertight, and stone mortars and pestles for pulverizing seeds and wild grains.

Army Air Corps Sheep Mountain Shell Oil Company Multnomah Falls Columbia River Angelus Studio Phantom Ship Crater Lake Sawyer Photo Service Ice Stalagmites in Malheur Cave Dr. The arrows, about a yard long, were made of arrow-wood or cedar.

471 TOUR 7A Little Nash Crater Junction Detroit Stayton Salem [State 222] ............ Appendices CHRONOLOGY 521 A SELECT READING LIST 529 INDEX 53$ ILLUSTRATIONS x\ iiiimiioiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiin iiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiinii Di Hiiiiiiiii Diiiiiiiiiiii Hiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiitoiiiitiiiiiiiniiiiiuu Illustrations Mural, U. About the bunks hung the skins of deer and other game.

On hooks from the rush-lined ceiling hung bags and baskets, laden with such luxuries as dried grasshoppers and berries.

453 XIV OREGON PAGE TOUR 6A Cairo Jordan Valley Rome [State 201 j ..... 458 TOUR 7 Va l e Burns Bend Sisters Albany [State 54] . All tribes believed in an existence after death, and in a soul that in- habited the body yet was distinct from the vital principle and capable of leaving the body in dreams, faints, and trances, though if it stayed away too long the body died. So it was that a canoe builder deferentially addressed the tree from which he obtained his log, as though it were a conscious person- ality, and a fisherman spoke apologetically to the first catch of the sea- son as he took it from the water. The creation of men and animals was ascribed by one to Echanum, the fire spirit, by some to Coyote, the transformer, who is given credit for creating the tribes from the legs, head, belly, and body of his vanquished enemy, the beaver.

They were also powdered and mixed with wocus meal in a kind of bread baked in the ashes.

477 TOUR 9 Junction with State 8 Wolf Creek Elsie Necanicum Junc- tion [unnumbered roads, State 2] ....... When grasshoppers were abundant the Indians scoured the valleys, gathered the insects in great quantities by driving them into pits, and made preparations for a feast.

475 TOUR 8 Portland Hillsboro Forest Grove Tillamook [State 8-6] . The dress of the women consisted of a skirt of deerskin thongs fas- tened to a braided beltjfthe men wore breechclouts of deerskin, and the children went entirely naked.

Through the introduction of the horse they had become a more or less nomadic people.

The culture of the northeastern Oregon tribes had undergone a defi- nite change a few decades before the invasion of the whites.

486 TOUR IDA Junction US 99\V Grand Ronde Junction US 101 [State 18] 492 MOUNT HOOD RECREATION AREA ....... Prepared in this fashion the insects were eaten with great relish.

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