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The whole was substantially built, the roof being of poles covered with rushes and with earth taken from the pit beneath.

Four canneries care for the output from 5,000 acres of upland peas on the Umatilla Reservation, and on the Klamath Reservation contracts between Indian owners and commercial interests have resulted in the cutting and marketing of much timber. Ager Holland Grass Plantings Oregon Coast Farm Security Administration Mitchell Point Tunnel Columbia River Angelus Studio Snake River Canyon Cecil V. House- hold utensils included baskets of cedar root fiber or tough grasses often woven so closely as to be watertight, and stone mortars and pestles for pulverizing seeds and wild grains. Army Air Corps Sheep Mountain Shell Oil Company Multnomah Falls Columbia River Angelus Studio Phantom Ship Crater Lake Sawyer Photo Service Ice Stalagmites in Malheur Cave Dr. The arrows, about a yard long, were made of arrow-wood or cedar. 486 TOUR IDA Junction US 99\V Grand Ronde Junction US 101 [State 18] 492 MOUNT HOOD RECREATION AREA ....... Prepared in this fashion the insects were eaten with great relish. 484 TOUR IO Portland Newberg Mc Minnville Corvallis Junction City [US 99 W: ............ A fire was kindled in one of the pits, and after the latter had been thoroughly heated the harvest was dropped in, covered with damp tules and hot stones, and baked. There is an independent village of Paiutes a few miles north of Burns The Indians living on reservations dress in much the same way as their white neighbors, live in the same kind of houses, and carry on the same domestic and industrial pursuits.

Cities and Towns PAGE ASTORIA H9 CORVALLIS J 58 EUGENE 167 HOOD RIVER 177 KLAMATH FALLS 182 MEDFORD 187 OREGON CITY I9 1 PENDLETON 200 PORTLAND 206 SALEM . Rogues (or Tututinis), Chetcos, Tillamooks, and other mixed tribal remnants dwell in the Siletz River region.

Bucksh-'n ornamented with dyed porcupine quills formed their dress, their moccasins, and their shelters, and skins dressed with the fur intact made their robes and blanketsi Game, supplemented by roots and berries, was their food.

The Snakes, Nez Perces, and Cayuses counted their wealth in horses, and because they were thus free to move about they evolved a culture based largely on the chase and warfare.

471 TOUR 7A Little Nash Crater Junction Detroit Stayton Salem [State 222] ............ Appendices CHRONOLOGY 521 A SELECT READING LIST 529 INDEX 53$ ILLUSTRATIONS x\ iiiimiioiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiin iiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiinii Di Hiiiiiiiii Diiiiiiiiiiii Hiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiitoiiiitiiiiiiiniiiiiuu Illustrations Mural, U. About the bunks hung the skins of deer and other game.

On hooks from the rush-lined ceiling hung bags and baskets, laden with such luxuries as dried grasshoppers and berries.

The Thunderbird was ruler of the storm, avenger, originator of numerous taboos, and creator of volcanic activity.

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