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Yet it appears to me that Wayne sells himself as the worlds foremost thinker on "Self Development".

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They learn from love masters how to love truly, deeply, passionately for a lifetime.Understandably, Dyer repackages many of these ideas in the same respect Teenage Christian Mission Leaders repackage christian themes in an MTV style, making it more palpable for teenagers.A balding man in a Cosby sweater on PBS is a slightly easier sell than an Eastern mystic in robes.From Emmerson to Einstein, Wayne tends to prologue all of his mystic wisdom with the ideas of other people.This would be okay if it were just used as a stepping stone, intended to develope on and expand an idea or principle..does not seem to happen very much, and when it does they tend to exist as logical extensions of "rational" knowledge applicable to his spiritual dimensions of work.Skip to content Critical Perspective on Wayne Dyer Murdoch2555 Let us consider that Mr.