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This week long horse riding holiday in Iceland is a small group holiday, fully guided, riding from one glorious wilderness spot to another on Icelandic horses.These horses are almost as special as our landscapes, measuring between 14hh and 14:2hh they are very strong, and able to carry an adult male over rugged, volcanic terrain.

During these five days of travelling by horse, as well as exploring the famous Thingvellier National Park, we explore the wild terrain of the aptly named Maradalur, Valley of the Horses with its unusual volcanic formations, ride through lava flows dating back centuries and follow glistening lake shores such as the twin crater lakes known as Kattatjrn.

Couples who appreciate the better things in life can swoon at the laid-back Spit Bar on the chilled out, Dunk Island.

How’s that for hospitality – have a cold beer while enjoying a bucket of prawns and watching the sensational sunsets at Dunk Island.

Are you planning a romantic getaway in Tropical North Queensland?

Take your lover to one of these 12 idyllic date locations and let Mother Nature help you do the swooning.

Please note that dinner on the last evening is not included.

Hveragerdi | Hengill Volcano | Thingvellier National Park | Kristnitkuhraun lava field | Maradalur, Valley of the Horses | Reykjadalur Valley | Hsmli and Hengill mountains |Five days of riding on Icelandic horses | Dyrfjll Door mountain | Skgarhlar | Lyngdalsheidi Moor | Laugardalshellir lava caves | Lyngdalsheidi Moor | Reykjadalur Valley hot springs.Step up your picnic game and grab cheeses and chocolates from nearby Gallo Dairyland, throw in a bottle of wine and don’t forget the picnic blanket to earn extra brownie points.We think a road trip to Shaylee Strawberry Farm on the Atherton Tablelands is in order.With five days of riding, covering an average of 25km per day, we ride as a group but also take a herd of horses with us as they love nothing more than to run free alongside our riders.We also then get a chance to swap horses during our daily excursions, and we believe that riding in a community of horses like this maintains the culture of Icelandic horsemanship as it should be.Our final day of riding is in the dramatic environs of Reykjadalur Valley, famous for its hot springs and where we treat our horses to a river bath, while taking in views over the volcanic coast at lfs. Sometime around the year 900 AD Norsemen brought horses to Iceland from Scandinavia, and thus began the distinctive breed that we know today.

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