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Jamie-Lynn Sigler: A year-and-a-half ago if you would have asked me or anyone who knew me, they would have said, ‘No way.

"There can be different stages of the disease, or different types of MS," Sigler points out."I have relapse remitting MS, which means that my symptoms can come and go.Usually when you stay on treatment, those flare-ups happen less and less." The National Multiple Sclerosis Society identifies four disease courses of MS, including RRMS (what Sigler has), primary-progressive MS (PPMS), secondary-progressive MS (SPMS), and progressive-relapsing MS.You didn’t do anything wrong, and you’re walking around like you did.’ I started to realize I was harboring all these feelings of shame and guilt, and it’s true, I didn’t do anything wrong, so why was I feeling so embarrassed and labeled by this?It was a couple sessions of working with him and under hypnosis and giving me confidence.I read every single tweet, every single Instagram comment, and it hit me that I have this incredible responsibility now to represent a community that suffers in silence a lot of the time.

Glamour: Do you wish you would have opened up about your diagnosis sooner? I think I needed to go through things and process them to be able to have the wisdom that I have now. I feel like I’ve learned a different meaning of the word strong.Each of these disease courses might be mild, moderate or severe.Approximately 85% of those with MS have the kind that Sigler does."I’ve been able to be petty stable for a couple years because I’ve stayed loyal to treatment." It didn't start out that way though.On a recent visit to the Los Angeles office, Sigler opened up about how MS affects her marriage (to husband Cutter Dykstra), her parenting (son Beau is three), and her daily routine. "And MS is my something."Glamour: January will mark one year since you publicly opened up about your MS.A year ago at this time, though, where were you in terms of deciding whether or not to tell your secret?I'm still figuring out my life with it, and happy to do it with others who are feeling the same." Sigler is doing so with the help of Tecfedera, an oral treatment that can cut relapses in half.

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