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She protests, but he says she can only prove otherwise by lying in the middle of the road. Here begins the period of the movie I like to call Allie’s Laughing and Screaming About Nothing phase. ” for no reason, no doubt setting up a metaphor that will be overextended later.

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I try not to be too enraged by this, focusing instead on this gripping, 11th-hour narrative jeopardy. But she quickly loses her memory again and she demands Noah leave her alone as she doesn’t recognize him. Old Noah opens the eponymous notebook he’s been reading from and at the front is an inscription from Allie that says: “Read this to me and I’ll come back to you.” I am a mess. He goes to find Allie, who is lying in bed and recognizes him.

I assume this is an elderly version of one of the younger lead actresses, because there’s no way Hollywood would open a film with a woman over 40 unless she is solely a tear-jerking, heart-string-pulling vehicle for flashbacks. We are introduced to Allie (Mc Adams) and Noah (Gosling), who meet for the first time at a fairground.

The decade is unclear; Noah’s wearing a newsboy cap that makes him look like an extra in !

Right will come in the form of a writer."The first thing Diane [Keaton] always asks me is about my love life.

I thwart her as I do everyone else," says Mc Adams, who was famously engaged to Ryan Gosling, her costar in The Notebook, and briefly dated Josh Lucas, her costar in Morning Glory, last summer.

I look away for a few moments to check my e Bay app for an Equipment silk blouse in my size, and when I look back up, I’ve obviously missed something, because Allie is screaming and hitting Noah and is saying “I HATE YOU, GET OUT, WAIT WE’RE NOT BREAKING UP ARE WE?? I think Noah is trying to remind her of her old life. Years have passed and Allie’s evil mother has been hiding Noah’s letters. Allie is in love with a new, very sexy guy named Lon. That is, until she sees a photo of Noah and his newly renovated house in the paper. There are hundreds of birds floating around them and Allie asks if they will stay here or migrate elsewhere. Sure enough, there’s some more screaming, then manic laughing.

She faints.“This is a good story, I think I’ve heard it before,” says the old lady in the old people’s home. “They will go back to where they came from,” Noah says sagely. There’s a rumbling of thunder and rain and I suspect this is the bit I’ve been waiting for. She jumps on him like a squirrel on a tree trunk and they start kissing. A thousand impressionable young male viewers are inspired to become stalkers. But Noah, still wearing that hat, woos her at a movie double date. They eat ice cream, there’s more screaming and laughing about nothing.He tries some sophisticated reverse psychology by telling her that her problem is that she doesn’t do what she wants. They go to the beach and she’s all: “TELL ME I’M A BIRD TELL ME I’M A BIRD!He falls in love with Allie instantly despite knowing nothing about her because we’re in well-trodden rom-com territory where people declare their love for each other based upon physical appearance alone. To win her over, he jumps onto a moving ferris wheel and asks her to go out with him.She says no and he hangs off the bar until she finally agrees.All I know before I go in is that there’s a passionate kiss in the rain and it’s set in the 1940s or 1950s, judging by the A-line skirts and Victory Rolls I’ve seen in stills posted on Instagram from time to time.

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