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8) used the ages of the gravel-clay transitions in the older aggradational successions of the Paleo-Tiber River, determined through .A very good match was found between the timing of gravel-clay transition and that of the glacial termination provided by the isotopic record of (ref.

Consistently, the litho-stratigraphic features of the sedimentary record account for two aggradational phases separated by an intervening erosional phase.By doing so, we provide quantitative constraints, both in amplitude and duration, to the sea-level fluctuations during MIS 13.Ar ages performed for this study and those from literature used to constrain aggradation of the VGF are reported in Table 1.Locations of the investigated sections and interpreted boreholes are shown (open and filled circles, respectively).Based on the correspondence of this time span with the occurrence of Meltwater-pulse 1A (14.5–13.6 ka (refs 10 and 11)), (ref.Moreover, the ages obtained for this study give us the opportunity to compare the timing of the sea-level fluctuations inferred from the stratigraphic record and that provided by the astrochronologic calibration of the Oxygen isotopic curves, and to assess the calibrations of Assessing ages of sedimentary successions deposited in near-coastal environments in response to sea-level fluctuations is a straightforward mean to investigate the timing of glacio-eustatic cycles and provide insights on their forcing mechanisms.

In this light, the coastal plain of the Tiber River near Rome (Fig.Remarkably, no independent age constraint exists in the literature for glacial termination VI, apart from the ) deposited in response to sea-level rise during MIS 13 (Table 1).In addition, we have corroborated petrographic observations with geochemical data on fourteen outcrop samples in order to provide age constraints on key volcanic deposits that are not directly dated, correlate different geologic sections, and make comparisons with published compositions for various eruptive units (Supplementary Table 1 in Supplementary information file).Moreover, the newly provided ages and those of the Paleo-Tiber River dataset give us the opportunity to compare the match between the timing of the sea-level fluctuations inferred from the stratigraphic record and that provided by the astrocalibration of the isotopic curves, and to assess the calibrations of the The Valle Giulia Formation (hereby VGF) was introduced by (ref.23) to designate the fluvial deposits of the Paleo-Tiber River in Rome emplaced during sea-level rise of MIS 13. 2) provided geologic constraints on the VGF through Ar dating of several tephra layers, allowing (ref.3)) aggradational succession at the investigated geologic sections in the western area of Rome (see Fig.

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