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Then he pushed her away, slapping her on the ass and said, “Hurry Up, we’re hungry and we might have to eat you first.” The guys all laughed.When she came back and placed everything on the table, her Black Master told Rebecca “Slut, come sit down with me,” and Rebecca sat on her Master’s lap and watched the game with them all.

Shorter skirts, plunging necklines, higher heels, see-through tops, and sexy lingerie now littered her wardrobe and the men at work were noticing. Men whistled at her on the street and it made her smile.

She looked at the thick chain it was attached to and saw that it was connected to a pillar in their home.

She thought to herself that it was unusual, but realized that it enhanced his control of her as a servant.

” and he said “Slut, get us some snacks” and when she got up he pulled her over and unzipped the little zipper on her panties and pulled her pussy lips out and sucked on them.

Rebecca gasped and moaned as she grasped his head and closed her eyes at first from the sudden action and then from his expert tongue.

The chain allowed her to only reach the front door and to the service counter of the kitchen and the wet bar.

He kissed her and told her that today he was going to join the “touchdown club”.During the first half he nibbled on her ear and gently reached under her skirt, pulling her thing to the side and finger-fucked her.Her tits fell out of her tied blouse but she didn’t notice.While she showered she pulled a wrapped box out from under the bed and put it on the bed.When Rebecca came out of the bathroom naked, he said, “I always wanted the fantasy of my woman wearing a maid’s outfit and serving me food while watching the Super Bowl.” Rebecca opened the box and smiled. She opened the box and found a sexy maids outfit which was a see-through black mesh short dress, a pair of white holdup stockings, a black g-string, a collar with the word “Slut” in diamonds and a pair of black shoes.She smiled and said, “You’re naughty, but I love you and of course I will be your sexy Super Bowl servant.” She disappeared into the bathroom and put on her makeup and costume.