Easy and free online dating cam uk rugby

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Easy and free online dating cam uk rugby

So-called first-term blues makes many abandon their studies, and even causes the occasional suicide.

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I used to do my homework on the promenade balcony just as the evening dance got going, its soundtrack the boom of an electronic organ and couples shuffling round below in a quickstep or doing the Gay Gordons.

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But she will be doing what I dreamed - and still secretly dream - of doing, at one of Britain's last unspoiled, unchallenged centres of excellence: reading and discussing great works of literature with some of the finest minds ever devoted to them.

Studying for the pure joy of study, rather than pragmatically and selectively, like her father, for the journalist's 'little learning'. One of the consequences of having children is that you re-live your own childhood parallel to theirs.

Similarly, in the past stressful year of university application I found myself returning to the moment when I left school in the early Sixties, my unusual family background, and the very different world that was out there.

Today, the Government's aim is to have 50 per cent of school leavers at what young people call 'uni'.

Yes, I know Britain has many other fine universities, many offering more state-of-the-art and sought-after courses than Oxford or Cambridge.

And even a pathetic romantic like me realises that Oxford is far from the Twenties' idyll depicted by Evelyn Waugh in Brideshead Revisited: that 'city of aquatint' where Charles Ryder and Sebastian Flyte could idle away their time drinking champagne, eating plovers' eggs and buying hairbrushes for teddy bears.

I tell everyone, and it's true, that I've never been so excited about anything.

Each morning when I open my eyes to more gloomy news, filthy weather and futile wittering on Radio 4's Today programme, it hits me like a sunburst yet again: Jessica's going to 'Oxford - Schmoxford,' I can almost hear my late Jewish grandmother-in-law interposing.

Though it ceased to matter very early in my career, and has never held me back, the thought of what I missed lingers like a dull ache and still, occasionally, keeps me awake at night.

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