Nexus dating service

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Nexus dating service

SV-40 is now associated with numerous cancers, including human mesotheliomas, ostoeosarcomas, brain tumours, ependymomas, choroid plexus tumours and others.

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The first official claim was that SV-40 viruses "do not have any significance in the safety or efficacy of polio vaccines"; but when the virus was first tested on guinea pigs after its discovery, the animals developed salivary gland tumours and immune deficiency symptoms. Deadly pancreatic cancer has since become epidemic in numbers.

They can't sterilise blood any more than they can sterilise vaccines to kill all the unwanted "bugs" without destroying the nature of these products.

They test blood and separate blood components through centrifugal action and other methods to purify these substances as much as possible, but it remains impossible for them to promise or deliver a completely safe blood-related product.

Such may be the case with the infamous Epstein Barr virus, which is referred to as "human"although many scientists believe it originated in monkeys, went on to infect humans through contaminated vaccines in mutated form and then became associated with chronic fatigue syndrome and other maladies.

But then, there is less of a species barrier with monkeys than with other animals, which gives us less protection from their pathogens.

printed this story on May 11, 1986, but the story was withheld from the American media.

This kind of information seldom reaches the general public in my country.

Blood is "alive": it cannot be sterilised or rendered antiseptic.

There are countless transfusion horror stories dating back many decades, but we rarely ever hear about them.

For example, a neighbour down the street lost her husband about four years ago.

He had cancer, but became infected with viral hepatitis from a blood transfusion and died from liver failure, not the cancer.

The same thing happened when one of the most horrific scientific "errors" ever made was hushed up.

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