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- Journey into the Heart of Transgender Prostitution in the Bronx (2010).- Hommes louer : la prostitution masculine, un documentaire hors du commun (2011, Translation): "Une socit qui abandonne son enfance, c'est comme la fin du monde." Avec Hommes louer, un documentaire coproduit par Inform Action et l'Office national du film, Rodrigue Jean nous entrane sans esbroufe au coeur de l'univers de la prostitution masculine Montral.

Some 25 years earlier, due to the Internet and cell phones (and before that gay newspapers) the street hustling scene has changed drastically.Sex Workers and the Gay Community (2013): Why then the opprobrium that so many gays have against male sex workers?For one, the male prostitute is tarred with the same brush as his female counterpart.I refused, because the difference between male and female adult sex workers is between free male independent contractors and enslaved women.I have never encountered a pimp for male sex workers anywhere in the world.The hustlers of old stood on specific street corners waiting for johns.

Often, they did car dates - hopping into cars whose drivers slowed down to let them in.- Queer youth sex workers remain at risk (2013, Toronto): Former client revives Street Outreach Services...With the help of Covenant House, a downtown shelter, and then SOS, he stayed clean for five years.He offers counselling, safe-sex kits, and HIV and harm-reduction information, and he connects clients to job-skills training and assistance with schooling and housing.Many have experienced discrimination and abuse at the hands of their parents, or within the system; many have been kicked out of their homes or run away.- - Couples / Families / Children / Adoption / Spousal Violence - - The Elderly - - Race/Ethnic Minority Issues: U.

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    All too often the man feels he has lost everything under such circumstances – wife, home and children – and that what he has spent years building up has suddenly been snatched away from him. It does not matter who divorced whom for what – that almost always has no impact whatever on the decision making process when it comes to resolving financial issues. Say there is a husband and wife who live in a modest home together with two young children. At first glance the husband might expect the home to be sold and the proceeds divided equally between himself and his wife. What happens in this case is that the Court will look at the “needs” of the parties and it will be found that the “need” of the wife and children to have a roof over their head will vastly outweigh the “need” of the husband to have some part of the capital which was tied up in the matrimonial home.

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    "I remember touring America in a van and I’d be fielding all these calls," Alanis Morissette says.

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