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You’re not going to do a good job convincing a date that you’re even-keeled and mature (even if you are in real life) if three-quarters of your Twitter feed consists of condescending Wonka memes making fun of people for having actual emotions.And you may have a company full of warm and awesome people who are great at their job and support each other, but if their presence is completely absent on your Linked In or Facebook page, and all you’ve got is pre-approved, canned “key messages”, you’re not taking advantage of the incredible reach that social media can bring. : So you’re in your early twenties, looking for a fellow twenty-something who shares your love for craft beer, bluegrass, and Joan Cusack.

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Smart businesses know that they’re being checked out online, not only from prospective customers, but from prospective employees as well.But now the first impression is actually more of a pre-impression.Whether we’re looking for a car, a spouse, a job, or a new pair of shoes, we go online to learn as much as possible about, well …This concept is pretty similar to dating, when you think about it.Many of us have dated people who looked fantastic on paper, but who just didn’t click with us.Engineers and other tech people tend to prefer email, so that they don’t have to actually talk to we lesser humans.

A candidate for a social media manager is probably easiest to reach via DM on Twitter or Instagram, or through texting.Your mom thought they were great, while you were ready to stab yourself in the eyeball with a rusty spork (editor’s note: please don’t do that) if you had to spend one more minute in their company.So how can you apply the hard-earned lessons from online dating to your employer branding?Don’t Be a Lying Liarpants: We all want to look like the coolest, most amazing person (or company) out there.But falsely representing yourself as some “ideal” is a recipe for heartache.Your date is going to notice when you show up and don’t look like the stock photo you used in your profile picture (“I said I wanted ages 24 to 35 in my profile, not 24 plus 35! And if you promote your company as being family-friendly, but you expect everybody to hang out together for hours after work and don’t offer personal days, you’ll soon wind up with a staff full of pissed-off parents who are updating their resumes.