Error while updating eclipse

24-Jan-2020 13:28 by 8 Comments

Error while updating eclipse

Reason 4 Solution: Maybe you are using latest eclipse version and unsupported Java version.To check which version of Java you are using open command prompt by pressing a win R key and type cmd and press Enter.

error while updating eclipse-79error while updating eclipse-12error while updating eclipse-65

This article describes how to install Eclipse plug-ins from an update site (p2 repository) that is hosted on an HTTP(s) server with a self-signed (SSL) certificate.

If you are getting an error saying “Java was Started but Returned Exit Code=13” during Eclipse installation, then here is a fix for that.

Even I faced this problem during eclipse installation on my windows operating system.

Before going to the solution, let us know why it is showing that error.

If you know the problem behind this issue, we can easily fix that error. Because this certificate was not issued by a ‘trusted’ source, and thus cannot be verified for authenticity, the transport layer rejects it.

While Eclipse and p2 doesn’t offer any nice support out-of-the-box, you can easily get around this problem by installing the root certificate (or the certificate itself) into a truststore on your machine, and then use that truststore when starting Eclipse.To check that, open windows explorer by pressing a Win E key on your keyboard.Now on This PC (My Computer) which you found on left side, Select that and right click on mouse. When you click that properties option you will see system properties window.Default Request Connect(Default Request at org.impl.client.Default Request Director.execute(Default Request at org.impl.client.Example: Before fixing special character C:\ IDE\eclipse 3.7\ Have you noticed that “#” character?

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