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They keep telling us what they want and when they go and look for it, well they find mostly douche-bags and players.Those guys who were real alpha good guys, they were snapped up so fast what’s left in the dating pool leaves a lot to be desired.

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He is the top dog, king of the jungle, no one messes with him, right? He is the top dog but mess with him the other males most certainly do.

Build relationships with boys in a small medieval town of a foreign kingdom ruled by an arrogant king.

Play as the princess of the Lunar Kingdom, a long lost member of a royal family who grew up in an orphanage.

The beta, he’s the guy challenging the alpha every damn chance he gets.

The gamma, well he is doing the same to the beta and so on.

We are people though, we like taking a good system and complicating it.

Somehow in the last 20 to 40 years we have moved from a system, sort of like the animal kingdom has, to a system where pickup artists, players, and douche-bags are now celebrated.

You get to toy with ideas and see how other people react and connect with your ideas.

It’s an incredible way of learning, albeit a sometimes I have been playing around with this idea that good men have let the not-so-good men win.

There is no such thing as a poor performing alpha in the animal kingdom, he fulfills his duties or, if he doesn’t, either the pack dies or he gets replaced.

The alpha is responsible for the pack and the pack is responsible for the alpha.

We all in some ways want to be successful with women, and the pickup artists, well they visibly succeed, at least in the short term.

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