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Dietrich Starring: Brigitte Lahaie, Nadine Pascal, France Lomay, Danielle Troger, Kathleen Kane, Elsa Maroussia, Eric Falk, Mike Montana, Edgar Del Ponte, Roman Huber, Diane H.Kelly, Anne Libert Description: Miss Klein (Mademoiselle Stein in the French version) runs a boarding-school.

Having failed to impress his uncle with his business acumen he then tries to impress his aunt by making love to her.However, the daughter wants to break free from this relationship and this leads her to have sex with a fisherman (who happens to be married).He falls in love with her but she tells him that she only wanted him for one night.A list of works in the composer category that are not included here can be found 6 cantiones latinae, 4vv, adiuncto dialogo, 8vv: 6 teutsche Lieder, 4vv, sampt einem Dialogo, 8vv: 6 chansons françoises nouvelles, 4vv, avecq un dialogue, 8vv: 6 madrigali nuovi, 4vv, con un dialogo, 8vv Die Gnad kombt oben her2. Hierauf sey nun gepreiset Princeps Marte potens, Guilielmus2. File Size: ~750MB Resolution: 688x510 Duration: 77 min Format: avi Download Link(s): Angela Korper in Ekstase.part1- 241.8 MB Angela Korper in Ekstase.part2- 241.8 MB Angela Korper in Ekstase.part3- 241.8 MB Inseraten-Report Year: 1965 Country: Germany / Italy Genre: Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: German Director: Harry Reisch Starring: Inge Adami, Werner Cartano, Gary Dartnol, Dada Gallotti, Susi Glenn, Aldo Peretti, Peter Rolfs, Wendy Wardell File Size: ~1350MB Resolution: 672x440 Duration: 85 min Format: avi Download Link(s): Inseraten Report.part1- 265.7 MB Inseraten Report.part2- 265.7 MB Inseraten Report.part3- 265.7 MB Inseraten Report.part4- 265.7 MB Inseraten Report.part5- 265.7 MB Lesviakos Avgoustos (better) Alternative Title: Lesbian August Year: 1974 Country: Greece Genre: Crime, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: Original Director: Erricos Andreou Starring: Katia Dandoulaki, Giorgos Hristodoulou, Rena Kosmidou Description: At a small and peaceful island, a painter with his wife and daughter (from his first marriage) arrive for vacation.

The wife and the daughter seem to have a sexual relationship.

File Size: ~900MB Resolution: 704x400 Duration: 78 min Format: avi Download Link(s): Auf der Alm da gibts koa Sund.part1- 299.1 MB Auf der Alm da gibts koa Sund.part2- 299.1 MB Auf der Alm da gibts koa Sund.part3- 299.1 MB Lust and the Flesh Year: 1965 Country: USA Genre: Drama, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: Original Director: Tony Orlando Starring: Georgetta Giles, Maureen Conway, Louis Martini, Marlene Eck, Doreen Michaels, Darlene Bennett, Gigi Darlene, Frank Davis, Luke Mars, Eddie Metzie Description: Action is set on an island where a couple preys on newcomers/tourists in true swingers' fashion.

It's quite downbeat and lacking in any positives, but marked by excellent Gothic photography by NYC stalwart C. I haven't seen this many shots of waves crashing on the shoreline rocks even in vintage horror films.

The hero, played by one-shot Joe Perry, does most of the narration, pining away after his lost love while putting up with his slutty (but it's another one-shot, Georgetta Giles, sporting erotic Michelle Angelo-style dark nipples) wife.

Several times another character Ilsa takes over the narration, ruining the film's structure.

The schoolgirls chloroform a peeping Tom, lock two plumbers in the dormitories, strip for a gamekeeper and tease their sports teacher.