Dating valentine 2016

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Soon she must choose and come to terms with the life she wants.Driving to a new place for the TV show she produces, Diane Mc Carthy found by accident a charming bed and breakfast run by Helen.

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See full summary » The star manager of a small-town clothing store is suddenly promoted to run a company's flagship store... To make it in the big city, she must combine her newly acquired New ...See full summary » Feeling disconnected with her teenage son, a protective mother decides to step outside of her comfort zone and take him camping.But as soon as she arrives, she begins butting heads with ...In addition to the posters, we’ve compiled a list of dating “pro tips” (in English and Spanish) meant to give students some of the basic dating skills they’ll need to get started! Beginning on Monday, February 8th, students at 36 schools (see below) will plaster their campuses with each of these four unique posters.In addition to hanging posters, students will be hosting their own campus lectures, movie screenings, discussions, social events, and flower and candy give-aways to help raise awareness for the campaign. You can follow the #Bring Dating Back campaign on our Facebook and Twitter pages for photos, updates, and announcements.See full summary » Zoe Walker is a food scientist who's been sent to Colombia to design a coffee flavor that appeals to millennials.

In the village of Salento, Zoe meets Diego Valdez, a local plantation owner...

A young Amish woman, who isn't satisfied with her path at home, visits a cousin for the summer.

Over the summer, she is exposed to another world, finds friendship and more.

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See full summary » As young and recently single parents, Clara and Alex have two completely different styles of parenting.