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Stone inscriptions are a ubiquitous element at heritage sites and are key sources for the history of Nepal.The earliest Western reference to Kathmandu appears in an account of Jesuit Fathers Johann Grueber and Albert d'Orville.

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The lake was cut drained by Bodhisatwa Manjusri with his sword, and the water was evacuated out from there.

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The expanded financial base of the merged entity triggered significant offshore expansion over ensuing years.

Representative offices were established in Beijing (1982), Chicago (branch 1982), Dallas (1983), Seoul (1983, upgraded to a branch in 1990), San Francisco (1984), Kuala Lumpur (1984), Athens (1984, closed 1989), Frankfurt (1985, closed 1992), Atlanta (1986), Bangkok (1986), Taipei (1986 upgraded to branch 1990), Shanghai (1988, closed 1990), Houston (1989) and New Delhi (1989).

The constitution of the country declares secularism as one of the four fundamental principles of the country but also recognizes Islam as the state religion.

Around 89% of Bangladeshis are Muslims, while the rest being Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and others.Confirming the same, the actress said to a leading news paper: "It's logical to have a Mumbai address now as I'm looking to balance work in Bollywood and also down South.Hope I find a good one soon." Sources said that she is hunting for a house in the suburb and closer to airport and as soon as she gets one, she would move to the commercial capital.It has a multiethnic population within a Hindu and Buddhist majority.Religious and cultural festivities form a major part of the lives of people residing in Kathmandu.Ready to temporarily leave behind Hulhule for new horizons?

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