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True skyline change came the same year with the completion of the 41-story, 429-foot-tall Linc LIC at 43-10 Crescent Street.The 709-unit tower, developed by Rockrose, became the borough’s second-tallest building and its tallest residential structure, retaining both titles by the point when we reviewed the local skyline last September.

Anchoring the massive structure that occupies almost an entire city block, the slanted slab of Hayden works in tandem with the adjacent One Court Square.The new skyline revolves around these two focal points, with most new tall buildings clustered around the two. Upon completion, Tower 28 would become the city’s tallest residential building outside Manhattan, and the tallest apartment tower between Manhattan and Boston.When counting topped-out and nearly topped-out buildings over the past year, the LIC skyline added four projects within the 500-foot height range, as well as six more measuring around 300 feet and above, forming a sizable plateau. Its slender profile is the first to truly challenge the dominance of One Court Square.Northern Boulevard, which branches off to the northeast, anchors the northern portions of both Queens and Nassau counties, and continues along the northern shore of Long Island as New York State Route 25A.The one-mile-long Jackson Avenue, which runs southwest from this intersection, extends Northern Boulevard, anchors much of Long Island City, and connects to the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, the Long Island Expressway, and the Brooklyn-bound Pulaski Bridge.That year it was surpassed by the 658-foot-tall Citibank Building, now known as One Court Square, which snatched the title of the city’s tallest building outside of Manhattan from Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Savings Bank, built in 1925.

The octagonal pillar faces the Court Square Park and the 1874 Long Island City Courthouse, which gave the neighborhood its name.In combination, these projects introduce 1,109 apartments and 160 hotel rooms to the neighborhood.The Present In the year that has passed since then, the Court Square skyline has more than doubled in size.In addition, during this period we witnessed the completion of the 11-story, 184-unit sculptural stack of residences at 22-22 Jackson Avenue; 11-story, 124-unit office-to-residential conversion at Luna LIC at 42-15 Crescent Street; and the nine-story, 48-unit Baker House at 41-07 Crescent Street.The nine-story, 37-unit Factory House at 42-60 Crescent Street is also effectively complete, with tenants expected to start moving in any day.The singular dominance of One Court Square has been usurped by the 58-story Tower 28 near Queens Plaza.