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You’ve probably seen headlines about today’s FCC vote to remove 2015 internet regulations often called net neutrality.

“The boost to the value of a typical home – ,437 – is roughly equivalent to adding a fireplace, half of a bathroom or a quarter of a swimming pool to the home,” the Association stated in a news release about the study.• Harris Mill Phase 2 is 80% complete and installations for those who have already placed orders should begin in early November and possibly near Halloween. • Locksley Hall construction is a little more than half way done and we hope to begin installs by mid to late November.• Idlewood construction is one-third of the way done. • Druid Hills construction is one quarter of the way done and should be ready for installs by end of November. Christopher Griffin, DMD, ( has West Carolina services at his home and is looking forward to when we build WCFIBER into Greenwood where his dentistry practice is located. Here’s what he had to say recently: “West Carolina’s Customer Service sets them August 30, 2017 You likely have seen construction crews working and some who have placed orders have already have services installed.Construction will continue through August and installations have already started.For those who have already signed up, you’ll be contacted for an appointment once the primary construction is done and a connection is made from the curb to the outside of your home.

If you haven’t talked to our team yet, now is the best time to complete your order while our crews are in these two neighborhoods. Here's to 2018 being filled with even more successful neighborhoods! The registrations we receive will influence our construction plans so the more we have for your area, the better the odds are you can stop repeating "Phil's" terrible day and get better internet, TV and unlimited voice. Or you can place your order online at or by phone at 1-844-303-4237 (M-F, 8am-5pm). 2017 has been a year of success for WCFIBER's expansion into Greenwood!We understand that many people have concerns about this ruling, but please know WCFIBER has no plans to make changes to our service.Our single concern is giving you the best internet experience available today and in the future.If you’re not in an active area, please pre-register – and encourage your neighbors to pre-register – to let us know you are interested in bringing fiber to your area. In addition, the service has been fantastic, reliable and the internet is Super-Fast! I can’t wait for them to build to my business in Greenwood.