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The actual size of your update may vary depending on the other updates you installed previously.

The Mothership Scorestreak will no longer count toward the Hard Counter challenge.Addressed a case where Players were able to spawn in after the match time expired.Search Destroy kill elimination has been changed from 250 XP to 500 XP.Fixed an issue where white boxes were appearing for Custom Classes in Create-A-Class.Addressed a case where Scorestreak kills were counting toward Specialist kills for Challenge completion.That includes weapons changes that were already in play and other changes to gameplay modes and spawns.

Here is a list of what s new in the November Black Ops 3 update to 1.03 on Xbox One and PS4. Players are now awarded Cryptokeys in Arena and Public matches, after playing consecutive matches in the same playlist.

Depending on your settings this may already be installed on your PS4 or Xbox One when you wake it from sleep to play.

The Xbox One Black Ops 3 update is 896MB in size and the PS4 Black Ops 3 update is 600MB in size.

Improved Cerebus Scorestreak s pathing on the 2nd floor of the houses.

Addressed an issue where Players were able to stand outside of the map boundaries.

You will need to install the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 update 1.03 to play the game online, and it is mandatory for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Double XP weekend that started a few minutes after the patch rolled out.

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