Naughty dating hotlines

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Naughty dating hotlines

At the same time, they generally idealized women, citing their moral superiority.

All 30 reported severe problems in their sexual relationships.

Gerald Schoenewolf proposed an alternative called (article below), a gender neutral construct that brings a female example of narcissism more sharply into focus.

Explored through the lens of psychoanalytic concepts the hypothesis of female gender narcissism resonates with insights from the men’s movement, and we can only hope future researchers begin to study it along with other expressions of female narcissism (the posture of ‘victim narcissism’ for example) and incorporate them into the testing instruments.

Earlier this year, the realms of law and new media collided when Lori Drew was hit with federal charges for creating a fake My Space page and harassing a neighboring teenager, who then committed suicide. technology, prosecutors are reportedly searching Facebook and My Space for photos of defendants to use as character evidence in sentencing hearings.

CNN reports that party photos and pictures of defendants drinking or looking unrepentant have resulted in harsher sentences for people charged in drunk driving accidents, with prosecutors presenting the incriminating pictures as evidence that the defendant lacked remorse.

In reexamining the psychoanalytic literature and reviewing the histories and psychodynamics of a group of gender-narcissistic patients, I was able to corroborate the basic theories of classical psychoanalysis, including the much-debated theories of female development, as well as delineate the characteristics and manifestations of gender narcissism.

In selecting patients for the study, I looked for the following features: 1) Inferiority/superiority feelings about one’s gender; 2) Excessive concern about one’s genitals; 3) Envy of or disgust toward the genitals of opposite sex; 4) Resentment of one’s gender role and envy of the role of the opposite sex; 5) Bitterness about feeling castrated or cheated (females), or rage about feeling psychologically castrated (males); 6) Fears of castration (males) or annihilation (females); 7) Oedipal guilt; 8) Idealization (grandiosity) about one’s own gender and devaluation of opposite gender; 9) Idealization of mothers and devaluation of fathers.

The following essay was published in 2010, and is republished here with permission of the author.

– PW ________________________________ General Characteristics of Gender Narcissism Although I had written previously about gender narcissism (1989, 1991),* I had not systematically studied the topic.

In the 20-year-old’s case, he was remorseful enough to drop out of college and write apologies to the victim and her family.

But the image of him sticking his tongue out at a party is far more likely to color a judge’s (or anyone’s) perception—a phenomenon that’s been proven by more than anecdotes.

In contrast, those 20 patients selected at random for the control group (10 males and 10 females) reported fewer sexual problems and showed much less gender narcissism.

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