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White nationalist dating - Adult dating web sites rating

The protesters urged the woman to leave her boyfriend, police said.

With tears in his eyes, Cantwell said: ‘I called the Charlottesville Police Department... and I've done nothing to hide that, but it was done in defense of myself and others.' Christopher Cantwell, one of the white supremacists featured in a Vice News documentary about the Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally that went viral, was seen in a video posted to You Tube sobbing over the possibility that he might be arrested The You Tube video was posted on Saturday, one day before Vice News published its documentary in which Cantwell is heard making overtly racist statements and threatening violence.

Though Cantwell told Vice that he was ‘not non-violent,’ he told Digg: "I don't want violence, I want a more peaceful society."He then added that he was ‘willing to use violence to stop’ those who disrupt the peace – a reference to minorities.

Cantwell also repeated his belief that the suspect who drove a car into a crowd of anti-fascist protesters and killed one woman was acting in self-defense.

In the Vice News documentary, Cantwell said he was disgusted that the president 'let a Jew steal his daughter'.

He said he was hoping for a leader 'a lot more racist' and 'capable' of violence than President Trump to help the movement spread their racist ideals.'Somebody like Donald Trump, who does not give his daughter to a Jew,' he said, in a documentary on last weekend's deadly march in Virginia.'I don't think you could feel the way I do about race, and watch that Kushner bastard walk around with that beautiful girl.'The Unite the Right speaker was discussing his belief that white people were less inclined to 'get in trouble' than people of color.

In a flash—with fists flying all around her—the viewer can clearly see blood trickling down her face.

Metro Nashville Police said Sunday they were actively investigating the brawl.

'I'm carrying a pistol, I go to the gym all the time.'I'm trying to make myself more capable of violence.

I'm here to spread ideas, talk, in the hopes that somebody more capable will come along and do that.' It was not clear whether Cantwell was referring to his hopes for a more capable leader, or a leader more capable of violence.

The incident followed a dual-pronged alt-right “White Lives Matter” protest held on Saturday—in which two middle Tennessee cities were targeted with protests against refugee resettlements in the area.

It served as a familiar sight to anyone who has followed the movement over the last few months: As in Charlottesville, Virginia in August, when white protester James Fields rammed a car into a group of anti-racist demonstrators, allegedly murdering activist Heather Heyer, and in Gainesville, Florida this month, when three men were charged with attempted murder after one of them fired a handgun at a crowd, the specter of violence seemed—at least on social media—to overshadow any message that the white protesters had hoped to convey in their visit. Metro Nashville Police said in a statement that a 30-year-old white woman and a 37-year-old black man were eating at a table in the restaurant from which the video was filmed, when the white protesters started arguing with them, One of the men was Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party (TWP), who was among the organizers of the “White Lives Matter” rally.

Many commentators on the alt-right have condemned the optics of the rallies that took place over the weekend, citing the inability of organizers like Heimbach to curtail violence like the fight that took place in Brentwood on Saturday night.

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