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But did you know that the Korean male suicide rate is the highest among the OECD (2.6 times higher than the Korean female suicide rate) and the suicide rate for Korean men in their 40’s and 50’s, who you call “dad bugs”, is overwhelmingly the highest in the world? Have you ever thought about the unfair burden Korean men have to take on as much as you thought about discrimination against Korean women?

^^ [Seong Jae-gi was a men’s rights activist who died from a fund-raising stunt.]Hell Joseon [Korea] is the only country that bans internet porn among the OECD member countries, which has brought ridicule from other developed countries.

International group Reporters Without Borders even classified Korea as an enemy of the internet.

The Ministry of Women and KCSC [Korean Communication Standards Commission] ban all kinds of adult content.

Misandry, misogyny, sexual harassment, pornography, copyright infringement, smuggling, selling drugs, etc.

[The community demands proof of being female for membership and their posts are not open to the public.]You complain about the sexualization of female idols, but even elementary school students would know which gender’s idol market is bigger.

They just hate that foreigners used Korean women who should’ve been raped only by Korean men.

When police chief Kim Gang-ja rescued 14-year-old girls from a brothel in Miari, Korean man bugs complained that a cheap brothel disappeared.I am a child of a female activist who devoted her entire life to gender equality. I write this post regarding the current situation where some group’s extreme propaganda is brutally destroying Korea’s feminism that has advanced thanks to the sacrifices of many people. You are inflicting indiscriminate violence under the slogan “Until the day misogyny disappears” that may sound legitimate.However, for most citizens who were not even familiar with the word ‘misogyny’, you are doing your best to strengthen misogyny as you claim you speak for ‘Korean women’ while displaying appalling behavior. Your claim that misogyny is prevalent in society definitely has some truth.But we do not need to be this way towards other people.” – Heinrich Luitpold Himmler, Nazi SS chief and culprit for the genocide of the Jewish people You lay down a smokescreen with a legitimate slogan that you just hate misogyny, while you set up the banner of female superiority calling men inferior animals. More controversies and surrounding arguments will be covered later.From Namu Wiki – Megalia: Korean internet’s ISIL that suddenly emerged in 2015.She hates the society that doesn’t acknowledge her pain. They even call their own dads “sperm provider bug” or “dad bug”.

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