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It’s good.” Caroline, 37, is far too gracious to whinge about the scapegoating she suffered for the failings of The X Factor 2015.

“When I was auditioning for musicals after leaving college and didn’t get them, it felt as bad then as getting knocked back now.You just don’t wear it in the right way.’ “So he’s putting me in these dresses made in the ‘50s and ‘60s when women used to be [she mimes being hoiked] into clothes, and it turns out I have got a small waist, which I never knew about. Now she’s philosophical and doesn’t spend half as much time scrolling through Twitter. It’s not going to change the way I feel about myself.” Most famous follower on Twitter? “People are only ever nasty about others when it makes themselves feel better,” she says. But it also came after a few months of terrible tragedy, with two London terror attacks, the Manchester Arena bombing and the Grenfell Tower fire.Were people subconsciously looking for something to take their minds off all the sadness? I guess where you feel like you’re in a good place. Not ‘settled down’ but definitely settled, if that makes sense.” Quick-witted and forthright, she certainly seems in fine fettle, despite battling a cold and shooting the cover of our Style Issue on a freezing-cold rooftop in the spitting rain.But she put it behind her to focus on Love Island, which, now into its third series, became the most talked-about show this year.

Not only that, she’s currently starring as Irene Roth in the touring musical Crazy For You, finally fulfilling her childhood dream of doing musical theatre.

“Theatre is what I actually aimed to do but never ended up doing,” says Caroline.

“So it’s nice to be able to go: ‘Hold on – this is what I was supposed to do when I left school.’ They’re the only qualifications I have and I’m using them for the first time.

it all pays off.” However, Caroline was as surprised as anyone about the success of this latest series of Love Island, which saw nearly 3million people tune in to the final back in July, making it the biggest show in ITV2’s history.

It was when Primark launched a range of T-shirts bearing the various catchphrases including “100% my type on paper” and “I’ve got a text! “The last time I can think of a TV moment being on a T-shirt was a crying Gazza from the 1990 World Cup. “And then my older sister started watching the show, and she Obviously the show was brilliantly cast, slickly produced and beautifully shot, which made it hugely entertaining.

“And what I love about it is that in real life, you would never have a conversation two days into a relationship asking whether you should couple up. You spend, like, two months playing it really cool and not texting back. Now they come out and they’re the top story on all the different websites and it’s a big change for them.” Caroline has been single, publicly at least, since splitting with artist Blue Logan earlier this year. “I’m dating,” is all she’ll say before clamming up, not wanting to elaborate. Today she’s wearing a pair of fabulous £945 Louis Vuitton lace-up platform heeled boots that she declares the “comfiest shoes ever”. I like the vintage feel and I love their necklines.

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