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By that time the mouthpiece had changed from a cast mouthpiece to a machined ‘rolled’ edged mouthpiece. So now that the entire group is pictured, let’s look closer at MP1…To do this we will size the picture larger so you can see well and jump to the next page.

For anyone looking to enter a new career in the Illinois law enforcement department, there are quite a few requirements.Also a close up of the stamp will help to make comparisons to what you have and to classify. The internal disc attachment to the partition was weak even though soldered.Joseph Hudson first resiided at two previous addresses and made whistles there for a decade. When small wings were added to the sides ( or partition ) in 1885, it gave much better soldering points and made it inside quite a bit more likely to stay put.You may know already that MP stands for Metropolitan Police.Perhaps you are thinking that many cities are called metropolitans.And what a stimulus to branch out into other whistles.

Although a rather long SPOTLIGHT, we hope you benefit from all the research here and come back time and again to check and recheck your finds.

In time Metropolitan stamped whistles were also coupled with the stamp Fire Brigade, Asylum. They would later move to 244 Barr Street where they reside as a company today.

Broken down in order we see: 84 Buckingham – MP1 & MP2…..2 whistles – they were here only very few years, 131 Barr street – MP3 — MP6…..3 whistles – they were here 4 years, 13 Barr street — MP7 – MP13….7 whistles – they were here just over 10 years MP4 was made by Bent & Parker and also included here ( although not the one picturered in the book CPWs ). The first picture displays the following: MP1 – original ( in CPW ) and we will go over the changes whistle by whistle.

True, but in 1884 Europe, London was one of the big three ( four if you count Glasgow ) along with Paris and Berlin.

As England was the world power at that time, its influence was felt in whistles seen in and .

Only MP5 and MP11 have two piece tops, so we will note most often mouthpiece changes.