Gps units self updating

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Gps units self updating

Once activated, SPOT IS acquires the GPS location every ten minutes for 24 hours or until canceled.Track Progress also helps employers and workers in uncharted areas to record safe routes for future reference.

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The Emergency Response Center notifies the appropriate emergency responders based on the GPS location and personal information - which may include local police, highway patrol, the Coast Guard, the embassy or consulate, or other emergency search and rescue teams - as well as notifying the emergency contacts about the receipt of a distress signal.This extra line of communication provides flexibility and functionality for the work environment.When the Custom Message button is pushed, a pre-programmed message is sent to the contacts.IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if SPOT IS cannot acquire its location from the GPS network it will still attempt to send a distress signal - without exact location - to GEOS, which will still notify the emergency contacts of the signal and continue to monitor the network for further messages.9-1-1 EMERGENCY SERVICES POWERED BY GEOS Search and Rescue HELP: For less critical emergencies, workers can press this button to send pre-programmed requests for help to their head office or supervisor for example.Custom Message: The Custom Message function operates exactly like the Check-in/OK message.

SPOT IS provides a Custom Message in case the user would like to pre-program different messages.To turn SPOT IS off, press and hold the ON/OFF button until the light stops blinking.Self Test: SPOT IS performs a self-test when you initially turn on your SPOT IS.Check-in/OK: For casual check-in messages, workers simply need to press the Check-in/OK button to advise employers that they have arrived at a location and/or to keep them posted on where they are at specified intervals.SPOT IS sends a Check-in/OK message once with the longitude and latitude and a pre-programmed message to the predetermined contacts.SPOT Message Schedule: SPOT IS is designed to provide outstanding quality and reliability.