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As we go to work this morning to start the stretch run of 2017, there are many questions revolving around the radio industry.But the one that continued to resonate last week involved the slew of Alternative stations that debuted in the last month.

I think what we are seeing now is a combination of several key elements including an enduring lifestyle, a researching brand, and songs that are becoming bigger than just the Alternative radio space.

KEDG signed on in Las Vegas way back in 1992, and had a great run in Sin City.

Back then, the format was very much struggling for respectability.

Many of the listeners that we encounter are loyal fans of the format and station and aren’t kids anymore.

Most have disposable income, and families of their own, making them an attractive demographic for station owners and advertisers alike.

It started in Madison of all places when Midwest Family launched The Resistance.

Then Entercom closed its deal with CBS Radio, and in rapid fire action, launched Alt stations in New York City and Dallas.

Give a listen to Entercom’s very successful (and inexpensively operated) KKDO/Sacramento, and you’ll realize this is not your older brother’s Alternative. The biggest reason for Alternative flips in markets like New York, Dallas and Detroit? That’s where the format holes are – and the revenue. I always feel there’s been an interest in the format and the music. Between the culture of the festivals, the amount of records we have crossed to other formats, the amount of massive hits produce this year, and the core artist That continue to deliver strong music we are just getting started!

Their playlist utilizes as many keyboards as guitars. Even if the ratings don’t improve a lot, not all 3-shares are created equal. I don’t think Alternative has any noticeable momentum all of a sudden, I think it’s more of a case of smart people realizing ‘there isn’t (enough) an Italian restaurant(s) in this town and our research shows people are craving Italian food here.

In case you missed out, here are a list of a few artists who have released or are releasing new content.

J Cole “4 Your Eyez” Only Documentary FYF Fest is coming soon and this time they are hosting their biggest event yet.

Turning the clocks forward to this month, and Alternative is experiencing an exciting – and perhaps unexpected – run.