David denman dating

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David denman dating

On television, Denman starred as "Mike" on the critically acclaimed, but short-lived FOX comedy Traffic Light.

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Nikki Boyer with her ex-husband David Denman, Source: Zimbo Moreover, you might also be wondering if they have any children? they didn’t have any children together which made their divorce quite easier as well as less miserable.

His 2013 films include After Earth, Jobs, and Blue Potato.

In 2016, Denman starred as "Boon" in the Michael Bay film 13 Hours about the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Prior to this marriage, he was married to Nikki Boyer until they separated in 2001.

It seems that he is comfortable to keep his personal life open towards the public.

After 9 years of their marriage their relationship didn't work out well and they got divorced.

After four of his divorce he married his another lover who is also an actress. The star's credits also include roles in Californication, NCIS: Los Angeles, Chuck, and 666: Park Avenue.He made his film debut with Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman as the deaf tight-end in the Warner Bros. His other feature credits include Fair Game, Fanboys, The Nines, Shutter, Smart People, Let Go, Out Cold, and Big Fish.The actress has starred as Ofelia Salazar on Fear The Walking Dead, a companion series to The Walking Dead, since 2015.Mercedes is a fan of the original series and previously told Latina she 'lost my sh*t when I realized I was part of' Fear The Walking Dead.Apparently, he has a very good relationship with his family and is going very strong till date.