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This section explains the basics of Excel Visual Basic.

This chapter explains the ins and outs of the Excel Macro Recorder.

With Excel VBA you can automate a task in Excel by writing a so called Macro. More importantly there are certain things you cannot do with Excel alone. 1 Create a Macro: To create a macro in Excel VBA, first activate Excel Visual Basic.

Next, you can create a command button and assign a macro to the command button.

6 Debug Macros: Before you execute your VBA-code you can first debug your macro.

This way most of the errors can be corrected before you execute your code.

The Workbook and Worksheet object are commonly used in Excel VBA.

They are very useful when your macro code has to be executed on different workbooks or worksheets.4 If Then Statement: In many situations you only want Excel VBA to execute certain code lines when a specific condition is met. Instead of multiple If Then statements, you can use Select Case.5 Cells: Instead of the more common Range object we could also use Cells.Office 2007 Summary: Learn how to write Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to automatically name and sort worksheets.In addition, learn how to create and name sets of worksheets based on data in the current workbook, and then save each new worksheet as a new workbook.2 Visual Basic Editor: Learn how to launch the Visual Basic Editor and get the best configuration of the Project Explorer and the Code Window in your Excel Version.

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