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8 Workbook and Worksheet: In this chapter you will learn more about the Excel VBA Workbook and Excel VBA Worksheet object.You will see that the Worksheet and Workbook object have properties and methods as well, such as the count property which counts the number of active workbooks or worksheets.

4 Msg Box: The Message Box is a dialog box you can have appear to inform the users of your program.

Learn how to declare and initialize an excel vba variable of type Integer, String, Double, Boolean and Date.

2 String Manipulation: There are many functions in Excel VBA we can use to manipulate strings.

6 Debug Macros: Before you execute your VBA-code you can first debug your macro.

This way most of the errors can be corrected before you execute your code.

Excel VBA Programming is not difficult, but you do need to know the keywords used in Excel VBA.

1 Variables: Excel VBA uses variables just like any other programming language.

With Excel VBA you can automate a task in Excel by writing a so called Macro. More importantly there are certain things you cannot do with Excel alone. 1 Create a Macro: To create a macro in Excel VBA, first activate Excel Visual Basic.

Next, you can create a command button and assign a macro to the command button.

4 If Then Statement: In many situations you only want Excel VBA to execute certain code lines when a specific condition is met. Instead of multiple If Then statements, you can use Select Case.

5 Cells: Instead of the more common Range object we could also use Cells.

2 Excel Macro Recorder: The Excel Macro Recorder is a very useful tool included in Excel VBA.

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