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“Ap” is a contraction of “mab,” which means “son” in Welsh.

Try plugging your surname into the Ancestry Last Names Meanings and Origins widget. That middle name was Tolstoy’s patronymic, meaning “son of Nikolai.” In Arabic, the “nasab” is the patronym signified by the prefix “ibn” for “son of” and “bint” for “daughter of.” A girl’s patronym would also be derived from her father’s name.There are no matronyms (names based on a mother’s given name) in Arabic.Welsh nobles adopted the English practice of fixed surnames first, and the tradition filtered down through society.Welsh patronyms derive from fathers’ given names and use the prefix “’ap” (or “ab”) prefix.Type in your surname to learn all about its meaning and origin.

Starting, setting up or continuing an online company in the Netherlands?Some modern Welsh surnames have contracted even further: Powell, Price, and Pritchard are contractions and Anglicizations.Powell = a contraction of ap Hywel Price = a contraction of ap Rhys Pritchard = a contraction of ap Richard In Russian, the patronymic forms an official part of person’s name, taking the place of a middle name of an English-speaking person.In England, several illegitimate sons of kings were named “Fitzroy,” meaning “son of the king.” That includes Henry Fitzroy, the only acknowledged illegitimate son of King Henry VIII, and James Fitz James, the First Duke of Berwick and son of the Stuart-era King James II.In Wales, surnames were not fixed until the 1536 Act of Union, which unified England and Wales.Their son Ólafur would have the last name “Jónsson,” which means “Jón’s son.” Their daughter Edda would have the last name “Jónsdóttir,” which means “Jón’s daughter.” In some cases, children may also chose matronyms, especially if their paternity is not clear.

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