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The initial consumer group of a session is determined by the mapping rules that you configure.For information on how to configure mapping rules, see "Specifying Session-to–Consumer Group Mapping Rules".

The following sections provide an overview of the Resource Manager: The Resource Manager helps to overcome these problems by allowing the database more control over how hardware resources are allocated.Because the Resource Manager allocates resources (such as CPU) only to consumer groups, when a session becomes a member of a consumer group, its resource allocation is determined by the allocation for the consumer group.There are special consumer groups that are always present in the data dictionary. They are: The Resource Manager allocates resources to consumer groups according to the set of resource plan directives (directives) that belong to the currently active resource plan.A directive has several ways in which it can limit resource allocation for a consumer group.For example, it can control how much CPU the consumer group gets as a percentage of total CPU, and it can limit the total number of sessions that can be active in the consumer group.Rather, the CPU percentages that the directives allocate are shown along the connecting lines between plans, subplans, and consumer groups.

This section describes the automatic and manual methods that database administrators, users, and applications can use to assign sessions to resource consumer groups.After a session is assigned to its initial consumer group and is running, you can call a procedure to manually switch the session to a different consumer group.You would typically do this if the session is using excessive resources and must be moved to a consumer group that is more limited in its resource allocation.The subplan itself has directives that allocate resources to consumer groups and other subplans.The resource allocation scheme then works like this: The resource plan (the currently active plan) divides resources among consumer groups and subplans.You can also grant the to users and to applications so that they can switch their sessions from one consumer group to another.