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«La géographie historique de l’empire byzantin et le problème Orient-Occident.» .

«De la science astronomique dans les voyages et les explorations.» .

An Italian adventurer; an Episode in the war of the League of Cambrai.

See Igor.bib, incuna.bib; Petersen 1853-1854, WCat, for early editions.

See Avezac, Bieler, Brandes, Brunhölzl, Draak, Gauthier Dalché, Gronovius, Herren, Hillkowitz, Lindsay, Löwe, Prinz, Riese, Shanzer, Simler, Smolak, Stelzer, Stevens, Tristram, Wuttke.

Dies hindert ihn jedoch nicht daran, eine Fülle von sagenhaftem Material auszubreiten.

This work is referred to by Firmicus Maternus, who about 336 speaks of the prudentissimus Achilles in his Matheseos libri (Math.

This, however, may be the work of another Achilles Tatius, who lived in the 3rd century. The fragment was first published in 1567, then in the Uranologion of the Jesuit scholar Dionysius Petavius, with a Latin translation in 1630. The Suda also ascribes to him a work on the sphere (in Greek περi σφαίρας), a fragment of which professing to be an introduction to the Phaenomena of Aratus may still be extant. Previously issued in: Bulletin de la Section de géographie. «Mémoires sur les relations politiques des princes chrétiens, et particulièrement des rois de France, avec les empereurs Mongols.» . Ph D Diss, Programm-Gymnasiums zum heiligen Kreuz in Dresden, 1866. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of the International Commission of Maritime History, held in Bari, Italy and on board the ship Ausonia, from 28 Aug.

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