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A further reason for skepticism is that the Society has, on two occasions, published “Watching the World” articles in the “Some religious organizations are going to new ends to acquire money.The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church in Buffalo, New York, now accepts credit cards, not just cash donations.

The letter, dated July 8th 2013, begins by reminding publishers that “true Christians consider it a privilege to support the Kingdom-preaching and disciple-making work by contributing time, effort, and funds.” It is not known at this stage whether there are any plans to expand the service to include other countries.An Embarrassing U-turn The Society’s recent embracing of credit cards as a means of accepting donations raises eyebrows for two main reasons. By accepting credit card donations, the Society are basically suggesting that it is okay for you to go into debt with your credit card provider in order to contribute to their work.Considering the number of articles published by the Society about avoiding debt and living within your means, it is curious that they should now effectively encourage going into debt so long as they stand to benefit.The Society relies on wealthy countries for the bulk of its donations, but it is precisely these countries where growth is slowing down arguably as a result of wider online availability of objective information about Watchtower and its history through sites such as JWfacts.Conversely, growth in poor countries where there is little or no internet continues to flourish, causing a further drain on diminishing donated funds.We've found that milfs are the "one that you want" recently.

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