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Info Notices provide detailed information of corporate action events and are distributed throughout the day in Text format and can be delivered by email, FTP, or downloaded from our website (HTTP).

The dating app (pictured) partnered with Los Angeles-based Three Day Rule to let its members upgrade to the premium service from their existing accounts. S, and the technology is also not currently available for lesbian, gay and bisexual users Although there aren't precise details on how Three Day Rule's technology works, facial recognition systems (illustrated) generally compare selected facial features from a photograph with a database.

The intraday reports are provided throughout the day in Text, Microsoft Excel, and XML formats and can be delivered by email, FTP, or downloaded from our website (HTTP).

Additionally, start of day and end of day summary reports are available to clients that wish to receive a consolidated list of this information.

For example, a weekly lunch meeting, an anniversary, etc.

These often occur in real life and thus need to be represented in digital calendars and i Calendar.

The Listing Applications information is provided daily at 8h00pm ET.

Making use of old memories: Users of and Three Day Rule's service will be asked to send a photo of their ex (illustrated) so it can then be analysed by facial recgintion technology to find matches with similar characteristics, such as face shape It can scan the room, trying to match people with pictures takes from social networking and dating site, and the app's makers claim it can even check the sex offenders register before deciding on a match.

Sometimes an event in a recurrence set needs to be removed (e.g., an every Monday pattern would produce an event that falls on a holiday, so that event needs to be cancelled).

Alternatively, an event in a recurrence set mighty need to be rescheduled (e.g., due to a holiday, an event in an every Monday pattern is moved to Tuesday, rather than being cancelled).

A number of more complex situations can arise, such as patterns tied to a specific day of the week within a month (e.g., the first Monday of each month), or an offset within the month (e.g., “pay day” - the last weekday of each month).

All of these need to be represented in some fashion in a digital calendar.

Please find NYSE Group Corporate Actions sample data here The NYSE Group Ex-Date Corporate Actions report distributes a complete listing of corporate actions (dividends, stock splits, spin-offs and so forth) where “ex-date” = T 2 (two trading days in advance).

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    If you have found criminal or abusive content online and wish to report it, please redirect your inquiry to the (US) National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ( or the (UK) Internet Watch Foundation (