Servers for updating nod32

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Renew your product as ESET Endpoint Antivirus or ESET Endpoint Security (respectively) and we'll give you the free upgrade.To protect our users, we stopped the update as soon as the problems were reported to us. Signed: Marcos, ESET Moderator Always in our hearts – R. My board offer free security and malware related Support, Help, Advice and Education forums, however is not limited to such issues.A newer update 5419, which fixes the problems, has just been released. Smokey’s have also forums with comprehensive Microsoft Windows related issues like Microsoft and Windows OS Based Products News, MS Download Center, MSDN Developer Information, software reviews, browser and tools forums, Webware, Social Networks info, Hardware- and Gadgets forums and last but not least a dedicated Windows Drivers, Linux Drivers, Firmware and BIOS Survey & Updates section containing (recently) released Drivers, Firmware and BIOSses, Windows 7 releases included.If you are running ESET Smart Security, an updated Firewall module will also be downloaded for testing (it contains some other fixes and updates unrelated to the SP2 issue).Statement ESET Testing of the new Anti-Stealth module to improve compatibility between ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus v4.0 and Microsoft Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 has successfully completed and distribution has begun.First reports showed up begin of May 2009, and at the moment I write this post these reports still continue.

Embarrassing: the total lack of feedback from ESET regarding the issue.Smokey’s host and maintain the Official Jetico Inc.Support Forums, including the following products: – Jetico Personal Firewall V1 – Jetico Personal Firewall V2 – Jetico Best Crypt for Windows – Jetico Best Crypt for Linux – Jetico Best Crypt for Mac – Jetico Best Crypt Volume Encryption – Jetico BCArchive – Jetico BCWipe for Windows – Jetico BCWipe for UNIX Disclaimer: information in this blog can be based on (not confirmed) statements of (anonymous) sources, Smokey’s Security Weblog don’t take any responsabilty for the credibility of these sources and their statements.Blog comments policy: to restrain indecent and off-topic comments and spam, comments are reviewed before publishing.Therefore, delay in comment publishing is unavoidable. In order to get awarded, product must detect all In-the-Wild viruses while reporting no false positives.

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