Updating unlocked iphone 3g

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Regarding Sonera, think of it as a less-repugnant version of AT&T.

The ultrasn0w unlock for i OS 4.2.1 has been released and it works to unlock i Phone 3GS and i Phone 3G running i OS 4.2.1 on basebands , , , in addition to 05.14 and 05.15 via updating to i Pad baseband.

Jailbreaking is not illegal but it is frowned upon by Apple, however the difference between a standard jailbreak and this particular unlock is that jailbreaking is reversible, and this unlock is permanent.

Update: the i Phone Dev Team forgot to include the proper bundle for i Phone 3GS users on 4.1 with Pwnage Tool 4.1.3, but you can fix it rather easily.

When the 3G was released last year, Sonera customers had to sign up for a two-year contract.

When upgrading to the i Phone 3GS, those same customers are given the option to pay off the remainder of their original 3G contract.

Here are the steps to unlock, the process is basically the same with Pwnage or redsn0w: The process of jailbreaking and unlocking i Phones usually sounds more confusing than it is, just follow instructions carefully.

The main problem with this unlock method is that certain baseband versions require the use of an i Pad baseband which can not be reversed, this marks your i Phone in an obvious manner to Apple and this is why it voids your warranty with them.This update was released to fix a SMS vulnerability that Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner discovered in i Phone OS 3.0. If you have a jailbreak or unlock, you will need to follow the below steps to keep it. After updating to i Phone 3.0.1 download and install i Phone 3.0 firmware. Follow the guide at the Jailbreak i Phone 3.0.1 post. The above image is the not-often-seen official unlock notification, as displayed in i Tunes.The dialogue succinctly confirms that the user’s i Phone, in this case a 3G, has been unlocked and can now be used on any carrier.Note the Apple logo at the top left — this is a result of an official unlock sanctioned by Apple.

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    Now connect your phone to PC and reboot the device into fastboot mode by typing “adb reboot bootloader”.

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