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An old TV broadcasts a documentary about the Egyptian ruler Tutankhamun who was buried in some kind of golden tomb.I wake up early next day and leave the hostel and walk towards the Capitol. Unlike yesterday, where most of the streets were empty, there are now groups of people coming from all directions, all heading towards the Capitol, mostly women but also men. This is definitely a more mixed crowd than yesterday, a happier crowd too.

I now pass of group of uniformed National Guards with bulletproof vests, standing in front of a Humvee.

A bit later I find myself, as if in a dream (is this happening? ) checking into a hostel inhabited by Trump Bikers and Indian teenagers.

My accommodation is not very glamorous: Metal bunk beds and open suitcases everywhere.

It is literally less than three minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus Undergro...

The Indian Singles UK team is made up of just that: Indian singles living in the UK.

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