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Year around the Town Square is bordered by a variety of local businesses not the least of which are retail shops, restaurants, and art galleries.In the summer months, the Town Square is where all of the action is.

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The Town Square, or otherwise known as George Washington Memorial Park, serves as the heart of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.This true western town has a lot of character and uniqueness that is realized by residents and visitors alike.Know before you go with our exclusive high definition surf cam at the world renowned Cardiff Reef.They automatically zoom with the tide and our set detection software allows you to replay only the best recent images recorded by the webcam.Add in industry leading HD quality webcams and you have the very best webcam service for any surfer.In cooperation with Congress, the state of Wyoming set out to establish a George Washington Park throughout as many communities as possible in order to honor the country's first president.

The Town Square serves as one of Jackson Hole's main attractions as it offers a variety of activities throughout the different seasons of the year.After a winter spent on the shores of Jackson Lake, David Edward 'Davey' Jackson became the namesake of the Jackson Hole Valley as William Sublette named the valley after his Rocky Mountain Fur Company partner.Fun in Jackson Hole Whether you are within the town limits or outside the Jackson Hole town limits, there is so much to see and do.The trees and archways are lit up for the holiday season with an ice rink and Santa Claus offering Christmas cheer.The Beginnings of Jackson Hole Originally populated by Native American Tribes, the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through the area in the winter of 18.Mountain men and fur trappers frequented the area with many of the men becoming namesakes of various locations throughout the valley.

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