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DISCLAIMER: The links contained in our Single Parent Directory are here for reference only regarding single parenting and visitors looking for information.

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We welcome single fathers and single mothers with or with out custody or who may not be single as of yet.

We welcome all parents Whether single mom or single dad .

As Obama himself pointed out Tuesday night, the former Massachussetts governor once signed a ban on assault weapons similar to the federal legislation that expired in 2004.

Watch Obama call him on it: Footage via the New York Times, where you can see the full video and transcript.

As for his declaring that the alleged Fast and Furious conspiracy is our nation’s “greatest failure” on gun violence, Romney might want to speak with survivors of the mass shootings in Aurora and Tucson, as Obama has.

After Romney made time in September for a long chat with the National Rifle Association’s chief lobbyist, some of those survivors reached out to the GOP presidential candidate and asked for equal time. Not surprisingly, Romney wasn’t always such a hard-liner on guns.

We are the single parents network full of single parent information Extra search terms are Financial Help for Single Parents, Government Help for Single Stop by to get Financial Help for Single Fathers or find Single Fathers Vs Single Mothers.

Parenting as a Single Father is all about Single Parent Fathers or just Single Fathers Raising Children and learn the states Statistics on Single Fathers Raising a Daughter and see There a Rise in Single Fathers called Single Dads, if you preferr Single Male Parenting.

Ellen sat down with Texas A&M student Ashton Robinson and her professor Henry Musoma, who insisted the college senior bring her 10-month-old son to class so he could help babysit.

Our Mission here @ Single Parents Network is to provide a hub, as you will, that has collectively gathered single parent web sites, articles, information, government resources, online discussion forum support boards, books and so much more, for any one looking for single parent information.

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