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From this secure base military control becomes possible. By the early 8th century northwest Africa is firmly in Arab hands.In 711 an Arab general takes the next expansionist step.

The north African coast remains from now on in Muslim hands, but it proves impossible to exercise effective control over it from the centre of the caliphate - whether in Damascus or Baghdad. These include the Idrisids (established from 790 in Fez) and the Aghlabids (ruling from 800 in Kairouan).

It is called Al Kahira ('the victorious'), known in its western form as Cairo.

In the following year, 970, the Fatimids establish in Cairo the university mosque of Al Azhar which has remained ever since a centre of Islamic learning.

The Arabs continue rapidly westwards along the coast of North Africa, capturing Cyrenaica in 642 and Tripoli in 643. For nearly three decades the Arabs make little progress in subduing the indigenous Berber inhabitants of this coastal strip.

The turning point comes in 670 with the founding of a new Arab garrison town at Kairouan, about sixty miles south of the Byzantine city of Carthage.

There is little opposition in 1171 when Saladin, subsequently leader of the Islamic world against the intruding crusaders, deposes the last of the Fatimid line.

And there is no protest when Saladin has the name of the Abbasid caliph in Baghdad included in the Friday prayers in Cairo's mosques.

After seeing the sunrise in desert we go back on the camels to merzouga after the breakfast and take shower in hotel then start our journey to visit som berber villages around merzouga wher we will have chance to discover apart of nomads life, then we continue to visit khamlia villag wher you will have your lunch and listing some africen music .

we will spend the night in a hotel / riad / tentes after the breakfast and take shower in your hotel / riad then we start our journey to ouarzazate through rissani tawent wher we will visit amarkit (souk) then we continue our road through the berber villages (alni F –tazarin- nkob –draa valley- ) we arrive to ouarzazate in evening /night After your breakfast in your hotel /riad we start our journey to visit ouarzazate site (cinema astudio- taourirt kasbah -tifeltout Kasbah ).

At the height of Fatimid power, in the early 11th century, Cairo is the capital of an empire which includes Sicily, the western part of the Arabian peninsula (with the holy places of Mecca and Medina) and the Mediterranean coast up to Syria.

A century later the authority of the Ismaili caliphs has crumbled.

The Arabs capture it after a siege and establish their own garrison town just to the east, calling it Al Fustat.

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