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Updating to intrepid - error updating the application pool credentials

Toyota Auris immobox 2003- (93C56) Toyota Auris immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Avalon ECU (93C56) Toyota Avalon ECU (MC68HC11) Toyota Avanza immobox 2008- (93C56) Toyota Avensis immobox (MC68HC05) Toyota Avensis immobox -2004 (24C04) Toyota Avensis immobox 2004- (93C66) Toyota Avensis ECU -2003 (93C56) Toyota Avensis ECU -2004 (25080) Toyota Avensis ECU 2004- (93C56) Toyota Aygo immobox 2003-(24C04) Toyota Camry immobox -2004 (24C04) Toyota Camry immobox -2004 (93C66) Toyota Camry immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Camry ECU -2004 (93C56) Toyota Camry ECU -2004 (93C86) Toyota Camry ECU -2003 (MC68HC11) Toyota Camry ECU 2005- (93C56) Toyota Carina E immobox (MC68HC05) Toyota Carina E immobox (24C04, ID33) Toyota Carina E immobox (24C04, ID4C) Toyota Celica immobox (24C04, ID33) Toyota Celica ECU 1999- (93C56) Toyota Corolla Immobox -2004 (24C04) Toyota Corolla Immobox -2004 (93C66) Toyota Corolla Immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Corolla ECU -2004 (93C56) Toyota Corolla ECU -2004 (24C02) Toyota Corolla ECU -2004 (25020) Toyota Corolla ECU -2004 (95080) Toyota Corolla ECU 2005- (93C56) Toyota Crown Majesta ECU (93C56) Toyota Duet immobox (93C66) Toyota Echo ECU (25040) Toyota Echo ECU (93C66) Toyota Estima immobox (24C04, ID33) Toyota Hiace 1999- (93C66) Toyota Highlander immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Highlander ECU -2004 (93C56) Toyota Highlander ECU 2005- (93C56) Toyota Hilux 2001- (93C66) Toyota Hilux 2006- (93C66) Toyota Kluger immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Kluger ECU 2005- (93C56) Toyota Land Cruiser immobox DIESEL -2004 (93C66) Toyota Land Cruiser immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Land Cruiser ECU GASOLINE (93C56) Toyota Land Cruiser ECU 2005- (93C56) Toyota Matrix immobox 2004- (93C66) Toyota Matrix ECU 2004- (93C56) Toyota MR2 -2004 ECU (93C56) Toyota Paseo immobox (24C04, ID33) Toyota Passo immobox (93C66) Toyota Picnic 1999 (93C66) Toyota Prado immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Prado ECU 2005- (93C56) Toyota Previa immobox (24C04, ID33) Toyota Previa immobox (24C04, ID4C) Toyota Prius immobox -2004 (93C66) Toyota Prius immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota RAV4 1996 (25080) Toyota RAV4 1997 (93C66) Toyota RAV4 2004- (93C66) Toyota Rush immobox -2005 (93C66) Toyota Rush immobox 2006- (93C66) Toyota Sequoia immobox -2004 (93C66) Toyota Sequoia immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Sienna immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Sienna ECU 2005- (93C56) Toyota Solara ECU (93C56) Toyota Sports Van ECU (25080) Toyota Starlet immobox (24C04, ID33) Toyota Surf immobox 2005- (93C66) Toyota Surf ECU 2005- (93C56) Toyota Wish immobox 2003- (93C66) Toyota Wish ECU 2005- (93C56) Toyota Yaris 1998 (24C04) Toyota Yaris 2001 (25020) Toyota Yaris 2002 (95P08) Toyota Yaris 2002 (95080) Toyota Yaris 2003 (25040) Toyota Yaris 2003- (93C56) Toyota Yaris 2003- (93C66) Toyota Yaris 2003 (93C86) ------------------------------ Lexus ES300 Lexus GS300 1998 Lexus IS200 Lexus RX300 1999 (93C56) Lexus RX330 immobox 2004- (93C66) Lexus RX3- (93C56) Lexus SC430 immobox 2004- (93C66) Lexus SC4- (93C56) Module 10: Piaggio/Aprilia/Gilera Description: Cover the following models: Piaggio Immobox Piaggio ECU Piaggio Vespa Aprilia Dorsoduro Aprilia Mana Aprilia Shiver Aprilia SR50 Gilera Fuoco 500 Gilera GP800 Gilera Nexus 125 Gilera Nexus 350 Gilera Nexus 500 Gilera Runner 125 Module 11: Iveco Description: Cover the following models: Daily 1996...1999 Daily 1999...

Open CAS dump file, select key position to be disabled. If decode success, put YS21/GMT46 transponder into coil of TM100 key programmer; 1. Put original key into coil of TM100 key programmer to decode; 5. dear i have purchased tm100 full version but i have received tm100 without CD so i can download software from side but after installation i am facing error IO error during installation so tell me what can i do you are fast on taking money but slow on helping customers i was told to pay and send details now that i have done that im being told that the technicians are busy they might not activate your tool today but before i payed i was told they are waiting for me to pay. Tengo un problema con el error de conexión TM100: la interfaz TM100 no está conectada o no se ejecuta como administrador numero de serie es D 0000830 ya se actualizo varias veces para incluir modulos que puedo hacer saludos Hi I using tm100 key programmer last 1years question is about ID48 transponder tm100 not do this is coming in tm100 key programmer good but its coming my device ? Hello Have one question as i purchased TM-100 i am not satisfied with the module's updates...tango programmer already got an update of maruti suzuki Swift 93c86 2012 model where as in Tm-100 doesn't have so when will the updates for Tm-100 will be released for the current users? Hi, want to know the details regarding cloning rewriting and making a new key in case all the keys are lost. Please let me know which one you prefer so I can offer the information. Calculator 2: Ford/Mazda incode calculator Description: Calculate incode by outcode.(Before 2012MY) Calculator 3: Nissan/Infiniti PIN calculator Description: Calculate PIN by BCM part number. I Do not know WHERE AND WHEN the device was purchased. Best j ai achete des appareils tm100 en chine avec le logiciel basic pour la revente mais je ne sais pas ou commander les modules parce que vous ne l´avez note nulle part et ceci doit etre fait pour guider Hi Daniel, We accept Western Union ( Recommend, cheapest & fastest way), Paypal payment , Bank transfer. Parts: Immo, IC: MC68HC805P18(with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D; 5. Parts: Immo, IC: EEPROM 24C04, Transponder: PCF7935; 6. An increase of 7930, 7931, 7935, segmentation function (40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 73); 3. The wiring diagram, security box, according to the drawing into a web page directly without having to download large help files, easy to use; 1, modify the bug PCF7936 cannot read data; 2, the correction of the BMW key PCF7942/44 can identify, jump without reaction of bugs; 3, fixed a Toyota ID67 ID68 chip identification instead of bugs; 4, fixed writing start page, key information display dislocation of bug; 5, fixed display into a special chip TP23 TP24 error; 6, revised if you don’t put the chip, the next undetectable chip bug solution; 7, revised PCF7953 block can’t read the EEPROM bug; Notes: This version includes firmware 1 update. Add TPReader: BMW key reading, detail information reading(VIN, Mech.code, etc); 3. Add TPReader: Megamos 48 reading,type reading and car model reading; 4. Add TPReader:8C reading,add Mazda car model reading; 5. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating. Add keymaker: China vehicle, Delphi Immobox, 93C66, ID48. The wire schematic from 6-PIN to 8-PIN can be got from technical support; 1. Bug fix: can not generate TP transponder for some ID48; 4.

Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Space Wagon as MY1999. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating; No.1. Increase the 47 chip type automatic detection function support; 2. Optimization software interface, support window to maximize; 8. Add TPReader:69、6A、6B、B9 reading,calculate password; III. Add TPReader:60、61、62、63、64、65、66 reading,car model reading; IV. Add TPReader:70、71、72、82、83 reading, car model reading; V. Add "immo box location map" and "wiring diagram" on main menu, (download the relative CHM from installation items ); Notes: This version includes firmware 1 update. Other pages impossible; How to unlock: Select TPReader, click "TIRIS 4D", put new CN2 chip into coil, click any "Unlock" button, all 4 pages should be unlocked; 1. Bug fix: Subaru XV, DST80, read page 1 before write; 3. Bug Fix : Opel, Signum, Vectra, 93C76,68HC908 remote problem 1. Fix bugs at image generator for ID44 for China vehicles; 3. Put T5 into coil, click Write; How to perform online updating license: 1. New function for reading the Kilometers, VIN and transponder type for all BMW keys was added to the BMW software module! Bug fix: Keymaker for Fiat Seicento 93c56 exit while loading dump; 5. Open CAS dump file, put key to be unlocked into coil and click button "Unlocker"; How to unlock key for VW, Passat B6: 1. Immo pin code is also displayed for some car models. Select Tools, Unlocker, VW, Passat B6, Comfort Module, Unlock HITAG by 95320; 2. Parts: Immo, IC: MC68HC805P18(with mask H44H), Transponder: Tiris 4D; 4. Add immo information display for BMW CAS4, CAS4 ; How to view immo information of BMW CAS4, CAS4 : Select keymaker for BMW CAS4, CAS4 5M48H, load immo dump file, click button Immo Info。 1. Parts: Instrument, IC: MC9S12XEQ384, Transponder: TIRIS DST80; 2. Parts: Instrument, IC: MC9S12XEP100 or MC9S12XEP768, Transponder: TIRIS DST80; 3. Parts: Instrument, IC: MC9S12XEQ384, Transponder: TIRIS DST80; 4. Parts: Instrument, IC: EEPROM 93C66, Transponder: TIRIS 4D; 5. Parts: BCM, IC: EEPROM 25640, Transponder: Hitag2; 6. Click button "Make dealer key"; How to edit ID46 IDE: 1. Revised some PCF 7936 chip Bugs, can not read all data; Notes: This version includes firmware 1 update. Increased testing new 4D (60, 70, 83) chip prompt function; 7. Add TPReader:67 and 68 reading,calculate password; II. Add operation instruction and attention items for some cars; II. Flash file size: 2M bytes, EEPROM file size: 2K bytes. Unlock new CN2 chip manually; Notes: Only page 1,2,3,4 can be unlocked. Add keymaker for Chevrolet, Kalos, 2006-(93C56) 23. Add Dump Editor for Volvo CEM ECU synchronization 25. Fix bugs at keymaker for Jeep Grand Cherokee, 68HC08; 6. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating. Select TPReader, click "MEGAMOS 13", put original ID13 chip into coil, click Read; 2. Add function of write EEPROM of PCF7952(HITAG2 EE); 8. Add keymaker for Mitsubishi, Pajero sport as MY2000. If the same car lost all keys, you can use the saved ISN to do all key lost without reading ISN from DME; Notes: 1. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating; 1. Parts: ZADI, IC: 24C04, Transponder: JMA TPX2, Errebi TX2 or CN2 or YS-01; 2. Parts: BCM, IC: 9S12XEP100, Transponder: PCF7953; 2. Parts: PCM, IC: 95320, Transponder: TIRIS DST80; 3. Input 7-byte component security, select brand, put new key into coil; 3. Revised version of the firmware upgrade but no upgrade problem; 4. Add keymaker: FIAT, Magneti Marelli dashboard, 95160 SMD8, ID48. Add key precode: FIAT, VDO dashboard, 24C16, ID48(need diagnostic tool learn key). Add keymaker: Piaggio, Magneti Marelli MIU G3, 95320, ID11. Bug fix: Nissan Armada, Juke 93C66; Notes: How to view MED9.1 PIN, CS: Select Tools, Dump Editor, VAG, MED9 (Flash 95160), then load flash and EEPROM file, TM100 will display PIN and Component Security Byte. Add keymaker for Renault, Samsung SM5,2010-(9S12, HITAG) 22. Fix bugs at keymaker for VW Immobox, by part no for 377 953 257 A (93C56); 9. Fix bugs at keymaker for Zhonghua Zunchi 24C01; 11. Online decrypt data of Volvo CEM 93C86 (NOTE: INTERNET ACCESS IS MANDATORY); Notes: This version inclues firmware update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating. Select TPReader, click TEMIC 8C, put original 8C chip into coil, click Read; 2. the total price =basic price charging prices for example,the basic nissan/infinity,toyota/lexus,landrover,ford/mazda,jaguar,honda,benz truck,renault truck,mitsubishi,vw,audi,bmw/mini . 2-does it have pictures to the location of every eeprom it manage like tango and zed pull?