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“We knew where people were, even knew most of their names.

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Yes, that Tigard.’” In five years, Pruyn has given 64 men a place to stay for 18 months. “The men I see are from Tualatin, Tigard, Beaverton, Hillsboro.

For years, neighborhood advocates in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown have argued for a wider dispersal of the shelters and soup kitchens upon which many homeless men and women rely.

Some neighbors balked when city leaders talked about placing a new day center and affordable housing project, Bud Clark Commons, at Northwest Sixth Avenue and Hoyt Street, even though downtown Portland already hosts a critical mass of homeless services.

“I was driving into downtown Portland every day, but I saw more and more people on the way. Portland was just my training ground.” Gant, a short, wiry woman with spiky silver hair, established her first day center for homeless men and women in a Clackamas business park a decade ago.

In 2012, she moved the ministry five miles south to a former government office building on the fringe of downtown Oregon City and the Mc Loughlin Historic Conservation District.

She drove into downtown Portland to pick him up and, in the process, found her calling. This went on for a year before I finally said, ‘OK God, I get it. That didn’t feel direct enough, so she packed her Volkswagen Jetta with food and clothes and began ministering directly to people living along what Portlanders still called “skid row.” Soon enough, she traded the Jetta for a van, filled her house with supplies, rented warehouse space to handle the overload and gave her effort a name, The Father’s Heart Street Ministry.

“I saw all these people, all these homeless people,” she said. She commuted into the heart of the city from Estacada. “Eventually it dawned on me that I might be able to do more good closer to home, that the needs was becoming as great here as there.

“They tell me, ‘You brought these homeless people here,’” Kimes said.

“But almost all the people we see grew up in this neighborhood.

Last year, the Milwaukie City Council rejected plans by Northwest Housing Alternatives to expand its campus, which includes a family shelter and other temporary housing near the under-construction Tri Met orange line, largely over concerns about increased density.

Pastor Steve Kimes, whose Anawim Christian Church runs one of the only day shelters in eastern Multnomah County, routinely hears complaints from neighbors who accuse him of enticing homeless people into the Rockwood area.

“We want to understand what brought them here,” said Sgt. “So yes, we sometimes ask whether they’re here for Father’s Heart.” Gant, whose devotion to Christ comes coupled with a no-nonsense nature, sees a different motive behind that question.