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And since I was drugged up and my experience was clouded, having pictures gives me even more to remember about that scary and beautiful day!

I get to see the birth of my baby and relive the amazing emotions of becoming a mommy.

Birth stories are the BEST stories and there's NO better way to tell them than through photos that have beautifully, tastefully, and professionally captured every moment, emotion, and feeling of that amazing process!

Shortly after moving to Idaho I was on the lookout for a birth photographer for our baby due at the beginning of 2013.

I love how quick her turn around time is and how she doesn't over edit.

I cherish every photo and I know my daughter will too. When I found out I was pregnant one of the first things I thought of having done was maternity pictures.

I came across some photos that Sarah had taken of one of my friends.

I had decided before I was even pregnant that I wanted to book with Sarah, see I'm a surrogate and while I get updates from the parents after they go home I wanted memories that would last forever for myself and that I could give them.I understand that having a photographer in the room during the most intense and precious day of your life can seem a bit scary that's why I do everything possible to make sure you feel not only comfortable but as tho you've known me forever!Every mom who's had me there to capture the most amazing and magical day of their life (from a first time mom to those who've had 6 six kiddos) has been so grateful to have me there they have trouble expressing their gratitude in words!When the day arrived, she was right back in the action. I look at the photos and have just a flood of emotions because she captured what I was feeling.She even got some fantastic shots of my boys watching their little sister be born and some very treasured shots of my grandmother sitting there with me.I was referred to Shutterhappy Photography and decided to purchase the Gift of Life package that includes the maternity shoot, birth story shoot and newborn shoot.