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The best way to overcome this, as supported by research, is to address the underlying issues driving your behaviours, as opposed to focusing on the nature of them. For example, for someone who is content in pursuing new sexual partners, perhaps monogamous marriage is not the best idea for him.For those who do choose monogamy, partners should be on the same page with regards to the frequency and the of sex they prefer.

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Counselling with a mental health professional might also be helpful when working through these problems.However, most people would be surprised to learn that the root cause of hypersexuality, or so-called “sex addiction,” is hardly ever related to sex.“Why am I like this?” is the most common question I encounter, as a sex researcher working with hypersexual men.Men with problems with masturbation will spend inordinate amounts of time, up to 12 hours a day in some cases, viewing pornography or interacting sexually through chat rooms, social media, dating apps, and webcam.Many lose their jobs after these activities leak into their work lives.I hear a car horn behind me—my cab is holding up the line.

It turns right, and I’m on a paved, looping track about the size of a football field.

Serial cheating can occur for a variety of reasons, but is most commonly due to a mismatch in sex drive between partners.

Most of us would imagine someone with an insatiable sexual appetite, but astonishingly, the “hypersexual” partner’s desire for sex is not usually all that high, and it is their partner’s desire that is low, compared to the average.

Every man I’ve spoken to tells me that being hypersexual has caused him to feel shameful about himself and to question his self-worth.

We, as a society, should undertake to stop stigmatizing sex, because this stigmatization leads to unnecessary suffering in the dark.

, but that sex is distracting, and offers an enjoyable outlet for frustrations in life, a sort of escapism.