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) "I must tell you that since I have been on the therapy for appx nine months, I have been a busy person.Just last week I dug (alone) a hole excavating back from a retaining wall that was slipping due to water run-off.

I AM OUT Please send out my next order as soon as possible. I was out of the drink mix for almost 10 days and the angina came back very bad.

In the future, I will take these products at different times of the day to avoid interference and see whether that improves efficacy for Angina.""The Pauling powder as I like to refer to it continues to amaze me.

As an 18 year veteran of bypass surgery I confound my doctor with my health.

Ultrasonic pinging takes very fine pictures of the surrounding vascular system and reveals even minute vascular problems including plaque build-ups of course. But, after only two weeks I began feeling like a new person.

I do get an occasional palp or two but they go away quickly. For the first time in years I wanted to do things that I had to force myself to do only a few days before.

My heart was in the process of doing a bypass on the blockage when the heart attack happened.

The Doctors said that was what saved my life but I would have to learn to live with angina for the rest of my life.

After taking the "Now I just need to get & keep enough Heart Technology on hand.

I started with 1 Heart Technology jar and then ordered a second one on autoship.

I had a pile of dirt over waiste high to show for my afternoon's work!

I also dug a trench back to a point on stable ground where I poured a reenforced concrete piling to which I attached a chain to hold braces on the realigned retaining wall ..what? I felt like my arms and legs could be used as tools again!!!

Some time ago a friend recommended taking the following supplements instead of prescription drugs: Sept 1st of this year I found the following statement on a web site (can't remember where but thank GOD! "Try this - guaranteed to lower cholesterol at least 18% in six weeks." . Both my doctor and I were thrilled about the latest test results, until he discovered that I was not taking any prescription drugs, at which time he said, "Youre playing Russian roulette you know." Maybe so, but I doubt it.

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    On average, people overestimate their yearly income on their online dating profile by about 20 percent.

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    The blast occurred shortly after 9am in Cape Canaveral, as smoke could be seen billowing into the sky where the 0million Amos-6 satellite was set to launch on Saturday morning with a Space X reusable rocket.

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